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hello I'm dr. Don Knotts and I've been abided to the mouse factory to help lead you to a fuller life through better health well just start here with this time clock say ah please take two aspirin and call me in the morning on the street for his own but one thing we all agree on is it's exercise that's right exercise but easy the famous the knot system yes siree folks nothing to it now we are ready to graduate to my more strenuous exercise now this is excellent for building up that sunken chest yes siree all you fat or skinny folks all these secrets are right here in my famous how to keep physically fit rapper why it wouldn't surprise me if a very few of your neighbor's work following the Lynott's exercise course right now let's just take a look alrighty let's begin with the weight thank you so much for the wings let's check our progress chart now to see how we're doing now then shall we try a few jobs given everything you've got now we at the Knox clinic have proven beyond a doubt that you are what you eat now this gentleman for example cheese diet as you can see why you can tell too many dishes the starvation diet can be equally dangerous so when it comes right down to it we can eat anything we want as long as we use willpower and moderation but we must remember that inside each of us there is that hungry little voice tempting us to eat eat eat now take this average weight watcher for example she has this plum full temptation who is always nagging her to overindulge with food well at least it hasn't gone in my head

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