Inauguration poet Amanda Gorman: ‘My life changed in six minutes’ – BBC News

it isn't always peace my life changed honestly in six minutes we've braved the belly of the beast we've learned that quiet we the successors of a country in the time were a skinny black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother can dream of becoming president only to find herself reciting for one things just keep getting bigger and grander and brighter and that's great but i'm still adjusting to so much now but i've been really grateful who's keeping you grounded my mom my twin i mean they're always my rocks my dog too lulu because to her i'm still the same nothing's changed i still have to pick up her poop notions of what just is isn't always just i had no idea what the poem was called i was just writing it in my documents it was like the inaugural poem you know very descriptive and i didn't know what the title was and it wasn't until i had you know honestly really finished the poem that i looked at that line that said you know the hill we climb if only be there and i was like that's it when i first began writing i had only five minutes of a lot of time from the inaugural committee and after january 6 i was like this poem is six minutes and it's going to stay that way because there's actually a lot more that needs to get said after these events the interaction at the capitol where i was seeing the way in which democracy in my country was being desecrated that i really began to work with a much sharper knife for there was always light if only we're brave enough to see it if only we're brave enough to be it i want to talk about bravery and the bravery to speak out how important do you think it is women of color today feel free to express their opinion however uncomfortable it might be at times for others to hear i think it's everything and it's a gift that i'm really grateful the women of color in my life have given to me that from a young age my mom always raised me to celebrate my voice for example whenever i stood up to bully uh my mom would throw a little celebration i would come home and be like mom i stood except for myself today and she would you know be so excited and so proud and so it was training me from this age to really value my voice bravery is it not only necessitates courage on the part of women of color but also courage on the part of our allies so often the conversation is around kind of what women of color can do to empower save etc protect ourselves but really i think it has to be a collaboration in a partnership or it takes other identity groups saying actually i am an ally i am a friend what can i do to pay my own power forward do you think the duchess of sussex or meghan markle um was brave to speak up absolutely yeah definitely brave i admire her so much the headbands could you just run me through how your headbands are stalled how many you have the collection is right now i'm so bad with storing them because i keep dropping them like amanda this is why we can't have nice things um you know i had a few headbands before the inauguration and obviously i wore one then and now i've been shipped like the country's collection of headbands i have so many and so i keep them in my closet like in this mini tower and it's really great but i have to be careful with it now because if i wear any of those dozens of headbands people see me in like that's amanda gorman's you

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