Horrors of Libya’s civil war exposed following ceasefire – BBC News

libya has a single unified government it follows last year's ceasefire ending the civil war when forces in eastern libya tried to unseat the internationally recognized government the end of fighting means the horrors of those years are now being exposed our middle east correspondent quentin somerville reports from the town of tahuna some viewers may find the images in his report disturbing in tarhuna they're unburying the dead here libya's ceasefire is revealing the horror of its civil war some of the bodies were dumped here only last year many bound blindfolded and tortured in these graves they found men women and children 140 bodies and counting a tally of the war's brutality carved in the desert sand tarahuna is a town of ghosts where the dead are buried twice today it's ismail's turn this number might match his body to his family's dna it's one of 13 burials today has lost everything ismail was his brother the fourth member of his family he's brought to this cemetery they took my family from their homes they were just civilians in october 2020 alcaney militia came in cars that belonged to the state they took them away from their homes and killed them and others are still searching for relatives who fell foul of the local militia and the flu is smooth if you have money you die you got in discussion with me you die you don't support me you die you die for nothing this is what happens when a state collapses when militia men and warlords hold a gun to a country's head a knife to its throat libya for the first time in years as a unified government but the question here is will the gunman who committed atrocities across this country still rule here the seven alcaney brothers that's mawson on the right terrorized this town they played both sides in the civil war they were the law here they picked the wrong side and were run out of town libya's had a vicious 10 years the country was split in two and extremists thrived finally a ceasefire was called last october that's allowed a respite of sorts for funerals old and new it's at least given tarhuna time to recover its dead but elsewhere in libya the killings haven't stopped despite a ceasefire the men with guns haven't relinquished power and are still adding to the country's body count quentin somerville bbc news tarhuna libya

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