Doctors advice on helping health workers’ mental health – BBC News

[Music] you need to help people with their mental health before the problem gets bigger they will perform better if they're sort of mentally well and strong here's what three experts say can help number one get them talking how are you that's quite hard really to verbalize instead try saying this give me a number how are you out of 10 10 being top of the world one is awful and actually if you really run down it's really easy to say two and then that can spark a conversation two when you speak to health and care workers just be nice a lot of patients are shouting at them some are getting really quite aggressive on the phone so instead be polite that can make the difference like the biggest difference in a lot of doctors days three understand their workload and the risks they're facing trying to empathize with what they might be feeling facing your own mortality you know being worried about bringing a virus home to your family those are big big emotional burdens to bear a lot of healthcare workers go in and do extra hours because it has to be done to look after people and please bear with them because the good times will come again four point them in the direction of professional help kill the monster while it's an egg not when it's a big fully fledged monster depression ptsd anxiety burnout difficulty concentrating feeling stressed all the time difficulty sleeping anything like that tell them hey have you thought about speaking to your gp have you thought about speaking to a counselor and just having like-minded professionals to be able to talk to and just get some reassurance really there are also lots of charities and mental health support groups online which can help some of them are aimed directly at health and care workers make sure that you speak to professionals you don't need to not do that just because you're a professional yourself you

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