Zumba Fitness 2 Wii Trailer

hello I'm better Paris and the creator of Samba we are here for spicy of life this Fitness is dancing this artistic talent is busey discover a food is fashion it smiles happiness but one war thousand six I think it's the name is Zumba another way to introduce the world into the Zumba fitness program this game will be different from the last game first of all because we are characters then we're not just a video image a lot more detail is going to be put on into this game it's gonna be more interactive it's gonna be more real more 3d more personality different options it's gonna be great we dance for celebration for life for us my total transformations happen mentally physically emotionally spiritually all kinds of things happen to people when they do become physically empowered especially through Zumba and then it's like a lifestyle change and then you just see people shine that didn't even know that they could I think that's the best reward it's not about whether or not you have any experience I don't have to be a dancer you don't have to be a fitness professional you just come as you are and enjoy the music and get a great workout at the same time behind the scenes is madness it's so cool to see technically how everything's formed all the little details involved and then see it brought to life through the game I mean cameras machines it's nuts it's surreal to me it's so cool I have a newfound respect for the video games and the whole technical side of it behind the sea I think it's awesome I'm excited it's not a learn more the first game was a great start but I think this game we have so much more new steps new flavors new career freeze definitely have to check it out see your the next class

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