Zumba Fitness 2 – Solo Walkthrough

so one of the great things about Zumba fitness in a video game is that you can actually go through a whole Zumba class so we have lots of different options here we have the single song option where you can select a single song at any given time and show you all of the dance styles so we have over 32 songs all of the dance styles are listed here there's a whole variety electronic dance a che which is a fun Brazilian rhythm cumbia reggaeton merengue salsa and all of the routines are the moves are very simple and easy to catch onto so in terms of difficulty it's all one difficulty but we refer to everything in terms of intensity the intensity of the workout the intensity of the cardio that you're getting we have five different environments and the three instructors fado Tanya and Gina so we'll start off with a low intensity cha-cha in our VIP pool party environment and drea will dance wall while I talk through it so our cueing system is basically built to the zumba formula so Zumba does not queue on every single move Zumba cues on the section because every section is choreographed to the music so you'll see that the sections will repeat so you can really get the moves with one try of the routine and then really work out your cardio just like any fitness program you get out of it what you put into it and making the moves really easy to do helps people get a better cardio workout and we have these motion cues that actually show you the first four beats of what's coming up players can earn stars as they go along and they can earn one of three levels as you can see with the player indicator on the bottom left a nice hot or Zumba and we have lots of different changing camera angles so if the player is doing well we're not just fixating on one angle we're really giving you sort of a music video kind of cutting to keep things interesting and all of the moves in this routine are from the salsa section so we have a pretty robust tutorial on this game where the four basic Zumba rhythms cumbia reggaeton salsa and merengue are all broken down into their four most basic steps and so if a player wanted to learn some really basic salsa moves they could learn it in the tutorial and get some real feedback as to whether they were doing it right or doing it on the beat and then these moves are moves that you could really put your own style into and you can actually take them out to the club and it's not like because they're so basic you could really go and perform them and no one would know where you got them from because everybody knows that you know there's a few basic salsa moves and it really just gives you the tools to go out and dance salsa and our environments all reacts to the player so as the player is dancing better the lights really start to get a little more intense and we have this euphoria moment where there's sort of a motion blur but if a player is just getting up to speed and just getting the dance then and they're not performing very well then it'll stay with one basic camera angle and a basic sort of lighting pattern where you won't get distracted and you can really focus on the dance one of the things I think that makes this game so special is that you can actually take a class within this game so if you only have 20 minutes to work out you can have a short class if you've got about 45 you can do a mid-length or if you've got a full 60 minutes you could do a full length workout so all of the classes have been arranged by beta himself and the zoom the formula applies not only to the routines themselves in the choreography within but the way that the classes are arranged they're arranged in a way that enables maximum calorie burn we've got a great calorie counter in here so as you dance through a single song it'll tell you how many calories you burned at the end and I think the most rewarding thing is when you danced for about an hour and you see that you've burned you know sometimes up to 600 calories it really is the best reward that you can get because you just played a game and had fun and didn't even realize that you were working out and that's really something that's baked into Zumba altogether you [Music]

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