What’s happened to EU-UK relations since Brexit? – BBC News

[Music] i naively thought that the relationship between the uk and the eu would settle down after they did all those deals together glad tidings of great joy i was wrong the last few months has been like a match to see who could call out the other side the most it kicked off in september last year the uk tried to pass a law which would allow it to ignore some of the stuff that agreed with the eu over northern ireland this does break international law in a very specific and limited way the eu was horrified it will be in full contradiction but the uk never went ahead one nil to the eu then in january the eu nearly ended up doing basically the same thing they toyed with the nuclear option suspending the bit of the brexit deal relating to northern ireland the bottom line is that mistakes were made you what said the uk they didn't consult us they didn't consult our friends in dublin one all in march the uk decided on its own to delay the introduction of new rules about the export of supermarket goods and parcels from great britain to northern ireland without asking us said the eu 2-1 to them and then the eu thought about withholding the export of vaccines to the uk it is hard to explain to our citizen why vaccines produced in the european union are going to other countries that are also producing vaccines really said britain the eu never went ahead it was too old then a breakthrough the uk and the eu decided to work together to boost the vaccine supply for everyone we want to make sure that the the contracts are fulfilled i wonder if that's an opportunity for the point scoring to stop or maybe i'm being naive again and it's only half time and the grudge match isn't over you

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