My Fitness Journey: Part 1 (Bulking & Gaining Muscle)

what's up everyone thank you all so much for tuning in once again for those of you who don't know my name is Treach axilor alright so I know this is not my vlog channel but I just wanted to share with you guys and give you guys an update on some things that have been going on in my life and just two new ideas that I've been having that I've been wanting to share with you all and some new ideas and concepts on content that I've been wanting to bring to my channel so about three weeks ago I came out with a video and I talked about getting out of your comfort zone you know doing things that challenge you and just getting out of your box and when I posted that video I actually got a comment a comment that just got me thinking I have it right here it's from a dude named George stay piece I think the last name is anyways he said he told me back he said your comfort zone is fashion videos so let's make some fitness videos now for those of you who know me and follow me on Instagram and all my other social media platforms know that I'm really big on Fitness I always have man ever since I was about 16 17 years old back when I started my fitness journey I was insanely insanely skinny I was the same I am now but I was a hundred and ten pounds I remember in school I used to get made fun of so much and you know I just I wanted to make a change so badly so I started working out and when I started my fitness journey back when I was about 16 or 17 over those next few years I actually put on about 40 pounds so I went up to about 150 you know I was working out so much I was working out every single day sometimes twice a day and I was doing crossfit three times a week the other days that you know I just lift weights or do cardio and then once I turned about 21 22 that's most of you guys know I fell in love and I eventually got married had an amazing beautiful wedding to the love of my life and you know the fact I got married so quick I spent about a year and a half just focusing on YouTube focusing on my work my dreams and my goals so that way I could support myself and support my wife and you know during this period of me just trying to my life together I was about 150 pounds and I actually dropped down to about 138 so I lost a good amount of muscle so fast forward to about five months ago and I actually got back into CrossFit again and I've been going hard ever since and about a month and a half ago I actually started my bulking process so I can gain you know some serious weight and in the last month and a half I've actually gained about eight to ten pounds in that range but with that said Fitness has always been something that I wanted to bring to this channel just because of my love for it and my passion for it I love that feeling of just being completely exhausted and just pushing through that and so the reason why I have been putting off fitness videos is because I didn't want to start posting these videos until I was at my goal you know until I was at the physique that I ultimately wanted to be at but I actually got a comment if you need to go on my vlog Channel and I forgot who it was but he told me that it would be so cool to see my my fitness journey to see from beginning to end my results and in my head you know I've always just been waiting for that perfect moment to start doing these videos these fitness videos but after I thought about it there's so many great youtubers Fitness youtubers that look like Greek gods and that look like freakin superheroes and of course I'm not there yet I will be but I'm not there yet so right now what I'm actually going to do is show you all currently where I am sitting at I'm gonna take you guys to the bathroom step on to my body analyzer scale which this thing it basically shows everything it breaks down your physique it measures your body fat your bone and muscle mass and your water weight which are all key things that you guys need to know when you guys are trying to get to your fitness goal all right so let's go and head in there right now so here's my current physique just you guys can see where I'm at I definitely have a lot of work to do I'm also planning on cutting up in the next few weeks and shedding some fat so I can really show some definition in my ABS to make those muscles really pop for summer now right here is my body analyzer scale that I just ordered it's great for calculating where you are at fitness wise and the specific things that you need to work on sit and keep track every single week because a lot of times we jump on the scale don't know specifically say you know how much body fat we need to lose and then we end up following a diet or fitness routine that will end up making us lose muscle mass when we think we are losing body fat or a lot of the times you know we think we're putting on muscle mass but we're actually putting on fat so this right here lets you know exactly what's going on so you don't miss out on any information that makes your fitness journey just so much more easier all right so let's step on this thing right now and see why I'm currently at alright so as you guys can see I'm at about a hundred and sixty pounds I'm at eleven point four percent body fat which definitely needs to go down has been at six below six before so I need to get that down for sure there's my water weight right there my muscle mass and my bone density and this thing will definitely keep track of where I'm at so it should be pretty easy for me to lose that body fat so after ordering the body analyzer I really like it a lot I mean it's really it really helped me I'm gonna get my fitness to the next level and just knowing all the information and all the percentages of where I'm currently at it really helps me tune in to the things that I need to work on also since I gained about eight pounds in the last month I'm guessing off of my body fat percentage that about four pounds of it was muscle and the rest was all body fat so I definitely need to be shedding some body fat for sure by the way just to let you guys know you can get the body analyzer for 60% off I have all the information in the description below alright so now that you guys all saw where I'm currently sitting at I wanted to come to you guys and ask you would you guys like to see my progression would you guys like to be on this journey with me and you know I'll just have all of us you know inspiring each other and motivating each other to get to our goals right now like I said I am currently bulking so I can show you guys exactly how I'm doing that how I'm adding on that muscle mass I can pretty much guarantee you that this weight that I'm eating and training is something entirely different that you guys have probably never even heard of so I would like to show you guys these things I would like to help you and give you guys information as well so we can all hit you know these these fitness goals together I have a handful of Fitness youtubers that I watch that really inspire me and they have amazing physiques but I just think it'd be really cool if we were all on this fitness journey together you know I would absolutely love love to help you guys out on your fitness journey you know I'm not a personal trainer or anything but I do have quite a bit of knowledge on you know the ways that you should eat and other things that you should do with the gym and since my channel is based on men's lifestyle this totally fits into the category and you know I think it'd be a great addition to my channel so let me know in the comments below you guys what you would all like to see if you guys would like to see fitness tips and eating food tips and all that stuff would you guys like to see me on this quest would you guys like to see my high as my lows the times you know I make those gains and those times that I freaking fail and would you guys want to join me on this journey so thank you all so much for watching please give this video a nice big thumbs up and subscribe if you guys dig it see you guys next time peace you guys enjoying it cheers yeah

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