George Floyd: Derek Chauvin trial begins in Minneapolis – BBC News

because you will learn that on may 25th of 2020 mr derrick chavin betrayed this badge [Applause] [Music] you will learn that he was well aware that mr floyd was unarmed that mr floyd had not threatened anyone that mr floyd was in handcuffs he was completely in the control of the police he was defenseless you will learn what happened in that nine minutes and 29 seconds the most important numbers you were here in this trial at 9 29.

There is no political or social cause in this courtroom but the evidence is far greater than 9 minutes and 29 seconds in this case you will learn that the evidence has been collected broadly and expansible you will see that three minneapolis police officers could not overcome the strength of mr floyd you will hear his final words when he says i can't breathe before that time you'll hear his voice get heavier you will hear his words further apart you will see that his respiration gets shallower and shallower and finally stops when he speaks his last words i can't breathe this was not an easy struggle as the struggle continues you will see and hear both what mr floyd was saying to the officers and the officers responses to him mr floyd does end up on the street and appeared to continue to struggle to these officers so much so that they considered applying what's called the maximal restraint technique you

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