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what is the calorie a calories just the energy that you get from your food the number of calories is not as important as the quality of calories so if I eat 100 calorie candy bar my body is going to store the bulk of those calories is fat because of the effect it's going to have on my hormones but if I eat 100 calories from chicken and vegetables that's going to affect my hormones in a different way so none of those calories are going to be stored as fat low calorie is not nearly as important as the quality of the calories if you're using in its low in calorie but it's predominantly comprised of sugar or chemicals your body is going to store eighty percent those calories as fat if you're eating something that's a whole food but maybe higher in calories has less chemicals no sugar your body is going to burn all those calories off if your goal is to lose weight you want to eat about 10 calories per pound of body weight so if you weigh 130 pounds and you want to lose 10 pounds you want to aim for 1,300 calories a day if your goal is to add muscle then you're going to want to eat 14 to 15 calories per pound of body weight when you look at food packaging you want to look at your ingredients first so you want to go all the way to the bottom of that label and read about what the food is comprised of you should see a short list no more than six ingredients in there and you want to make sure it's all names you recognize so if you see a bunch of chemical names your body can't do anything with chemicals so you want to stay away

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