Fitness industry leaders fear 1 in 5 Michigan gyms will close by 2022

well the pandemic has taken its toll on just about every industry and one of the hardest hit has been in-person fitness today leaders of one of the state's largest fitness club organizations held a town hall and gave a grim outlook our grant herms listened in today and grant it's fair to say the health of gems is not good no it is not for a lot of these james it's been a struggle to reopen they've had to navigate drops in membership and of course that back and forth legal fight with the state over the summer all of it meaning that likely one in five gyms will close just like this one here by 2022 we're in rough shape we're clearly in survival mode leaders of the michigan fitness club association on thursday not giving a rosy picture of the health of their industry and we're dealing with things with information and data and reporting on the impact of cogan almost on a daily basis according to the mfca before the pandemic there were roughly one thousand fitness clubs statewide based on national projections by 2022 when experts hope vaccines are widely available or already distributed 200 gyms or fitness clubs will have been forced to close for good and for those that have stayed open membership dropping by almost 50 percent for some gyms fear of the coronavirus pushing people to pause or cancel their memberships leading gyms to hang on tight to those left and then there's the shift to at home and online courses which the group says doesn't mean they're going anywhere there's no reason to assume that that brick and mortar is going to be supplanted by online fitness our gyms have always been and will continue to be part of the health and wellness delivery system and they play a vital role in that now there is some good news the mfca says that case to visit rates within gyms are far below one percent and the state is only tracking just two outbreaks in personal wellness spaces that's places like hair nail salons and spas along with gyms the question now is can all these gyms or fitness clubs hang on until the end of the pandemic in downtown detroit grand turins local 4.

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