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Hello and welcome to my channel, I am here with you early from Dubai The sun is rising behind you It is really early and I feel happy Active because today marks the start of my free 30-day program Young people registered while you were here, everyone who did not register it is Easy to share Don't worry everyone you need to do is follow the steps below Below in the caption then you're in for this totally free now I'm not going To talk for a long time because I want to get the reason going well in preparation This program is because I want to help you guys zap I want to be motivated You and inspires you to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourselves and I am here with you every step of the way to motivate I do all the exercises With you workouts 30 minutes for 30 days in a row that's it It's really that simple before we get it started if you haven't already Liked this video, it really supports my channel and most importantly It helps me reach people like you which means I can help more people Ultimately it is what you wanted and please also make sure to get to the post Down the button and share it with lots of friends and family Let's reach as many people as possible and let's get Lily right We will start today is 30 minute HIIT body fat burning sessions We'll be sweaty, we'll start soon Only by warming the body up to the feet shoulder distance apart I want the knees facing forward toes facing forward not giving a slight axis Outside, we'll just take the body below the knees tracker Toes and this just to get a nice and warm body okay until thirty Minutes of work Three circles first circuit eight Long minutes.

The second circle is eight minutes long and the last circle is ten One minute long, including warm-up and cooling, another 30 minutes You really begin to get your mind in the right space what your goals begin with I am thinking of getting this body ready and the mind is fine from here the first step Feet forward as we are cleaning the hamstrings.

Brush these hands The floor preserving this front toe should have a nice feeling stretching to the lower back From the groin method to start really ready for this intense composition 45 seconds to 15 seconds recovery is okay if you need to stop at any point Of course you can take these guys and rock those legs that are going to go in I have a timer intravenous belt set I don't have to worry about that Well the first exercise time has started running Tiny This is just to get Heart rate so keep it nice and fast Keep men focused throughout 45 Seconds continue to breathe any struggling person watching immediately Do not stop, I am watching you all the way Or for actual strength through this exercise. 45 seconds is all I want from you Interested in the last ten seconds faster Come on guys man Wow fine 15 seconds happy the next workout that I want you to move on The side of the rug we're going to go with with the pulse of double squat and jumping More than nicer to practice it I really like it but ok let's come back Well then he really pushed his strength to the side Just amazing 45 seconds now I'm going to be showing adjustments throughout this A complete workout because these exercises everyone was going through if he continued You would struggle to go with it the next day and just walk to the side okay Want to put that pissed resistance really pays and what else You jump all the way I'll shake her legs down the next simple squat jump number Three well some cute and low in squatting Power up to one Let's go 45 seconds black Now I like this for exercise Absolute Support If you are struggling I just want to go normal Anyone else watching you want to use force all the way Cross ok keep pushing for me don't give up Well we're coming in the middle of the road, we gadgets don't care Even if you open it, she asked for what he asks for Them if you find out you want everything you have to pay 30 minutes okay Trying this it all and we're into it together You've been awesome on this number Three – recovery 152 breathe close but descend On the mat now okay from here we will be the plank position and what We'll do it shoulder press Three Two OK let's go Yet when you do this until you are gaining minimum hips the way many people do Slave from side to side like this and what you're really nice and stable Through the hips and through the core keep pushing anyone who struggles with this Just hold the plank that you can get your forearms down and stick to it not really It matters to men, I just want to keep pushing okay that comes all the way Next is you give me a pendulum that you have three zigzag curves to the local Nobody like an easy one to step behind and back from center You should feel it in our backs and level tubes We are all that guy stepping the other foot behind and touching the hand down On the floor, keep that checked open looking okay A very important step is the middle ground, going down that hand did not Something I really don't mind just want you Okay guys push your 15 seconds recovery and we repeat those four Men exercises you have this first run a small fine breathing three two one Let's go how you run now I really want to focus on getting Those legs are high breathing and basically to reach your goal for 30 days We got those knees higher if you could really lead them to the sky You are going to instantly do that it doesn't matter I just want your heart rate to go This is where we'll learn the truth Well, keep pushing for me Left over ten seconds stand up yeah you guys very high higher faster Five four three two side of your mat area that is double pulse Jumping across fine it is very important that we have energy as we go Across three, two, one, let's go amazing guys, minute number six From eight now this is where I really want you have to push hard this is where I am I really want you to think that Goal is strength by Come on with that It burns well and you will feel great afterwards to push it If you struggle with that pavement I don't mind Well I want you to pay me all the way guys get 15 seconds Digging deep This is the point where you mind that you do not want to stop Let her tell your body to finally stop okay three to work out we have it Point okay again thinking about shape during a quick sip and break The water will go in five seconds to bring those feet back to the plank there No gentle and powerful terms through the basic shoulder taps The lowest way through the hips will get that by pressing on those but not charging I put this essence in really nice and tight Nobody watches guys move at work damn him tight squeeze his tight butt You have 20 seconds left next to not fit zigzag bends Through these things you enter circle number two, God does what He loves 5 4 Three two pushed what the last one down on his exhale 15 second recovery and we are going the last exercise that we will do Kill her completely and we need to come to stand on the latter Curtsies Well we're going three in two let's go what 45 seconds This marks the end of your first circle.

I really want you to push for those You like you know only a little as a reminder you've been footstep It does not matter what you are at all important that you are progressing Well personal goals against ourselves 10 seconds come squat Ah three shook those legs once you have completed 30 seconds Recovery Before we go to the next one I just want to breathe only after that Wait I had a moment I'm going take off my clothes because it's hot Guys I am proud of you one second in before your breath is complete just how cool it is This one has the moon with 15 seconds left to recover.

I'm dripping With an eight-minute sweat but that was pretty much the warm-up round that we're on Enter now it'll be more difficult we'll go in five seconds four and three The first two first deep squats Really surprisingly deep down that squat to act and burn external booty Come on you guys all the way for me you have just under 20 seconds Left the main point of this exercise you have to put as hard as you can and Remember I watch it guys every time you wanna stop my eyes On you and we are in this together we will continue to push as a team fine two I want you to come back from your carpet now nice and low to come Squat power forward and then walk your feet back fine Two one let's go good deed Stay cute and low on that really energy spot as often as you can You get more everything jumping the amazing guys come to keep pushing For me you are coming to the middle of the road tick even if you can only do halfway Then halfway back ok just keep pushing not ten seconds Left come really strongly to me now really Much power five four three two 15 seconds I breathe my character Favorite now quickly in Burpee, malicious rejection will enter in Quick feet squat when I clap you hands I went down to the bathroom, came back up, to go Men should be plus B plus B plus B should be plus B plus C oh yeah you'll hate me The end of this comes with wisdom, come comes, comes another comes for three Fast Feet – Stand directly on the mat Okay, we'll go for 45 seconds A bike to work in those ABS is possibly the worst ab exercise of the world Okay then we're going to take turns sideways let's get to that bike now The goal of this workout is to burn fat so I want to keep you sweating so you are You should be gentle and fast but keep your model on the points You can speed it up Come on guys keep us paying we lost 20 seconds left on one More men come along the breathing process Come on keep pressing ten seconds remaining don't give up la vie I'm watching you Talk about four three two stand 50 seconds our recovery ignite the seed The first was that squatting so what glad you still have after five seconds Exhalation recovery is really okay two one let's go now as I said last time Struggling, just go with a stand alone squat, I want nice and right legs And I want to track the knees above the middle toe still just struggling hold Squatting isn't that easy; it's also tough Well I'm getting second and we're halfway through so far we've left one circle I really want you to hurry now you guys come all the way by speeding it up Keep pushing, you have ten seconds left.

Can you go faster per second? Another six six faster 503 two on the side of your mouth breathe ten seconds Recovery is a fluid jumping step back, men you can do this continue to push each Method – let's go to jump forward and step back as you step back I want that booty like a booty chest alarm oh And what good another job mates are looking for, oh the lights shine on the guys Don't give up, you're boarding a hot plane, which I hate, come midway Pay continue to pay yes yes you guys are coming all the way for you Only ten seconds remain, speed it up now for two more rounds Specific notes Another leap forward Three two guys well done check out Legs That Was Exercise Number Six, Fast Eight Feet Next Select this One drop gives you the struggle when you instead, to jump quickly Quick paws puppy guys yeah go straight back An amazing twenty second mission for me what last week's Buffy Buffy was going 15 seconds I'll really miss my feet go up 1097 yeah reserve oh Between alright okay guys ten minutes exactly the same format that they tried five Repeat the first exercise on three parts for ankles, knees, ankles You jump from where you come on, guys 45 seconds to work I want this box to open I want you to look at me because looking at you is all weights You guys really want you to run this is your last circle don't give up These all the way through I know it's bad but don't give up We're almost done, you have ten seconds left Come on guys keep breathing keep pressing two one what i got straight us This bucket is mixed with some cute fine naps so let's come to the side Feet up leaving three two let's go now I really want speed with these guys It's your last circle to make it less well for anyone who struggles to put their foot down Reach the knees and zach this day one of the 30 Remember this more because in 29 days this will happen Seems easy okay really pushing me all the way We team have this together along an unforgettable way of writing Comment below then let you guys know how you'll get there People who struggle in the same way need your motivation straight up 15-second recovery Shake those legs so we're going to repeat the squatting jacks Why because they're bad and they work so we get down to this cute and low Time You Add Pulse To Jump Over Let's Go Jump Post – Really fantastic well done guys come along the way Through this numb the minute number three out of ten were unable to get my words out Come on guys you're halfway through in 45 seconds, keep breathing Keep pushing as I watch you not give up well you only have 15 Seconds come on guys three out of ten what does that mean To me, halfway there, come on, keep pushing for the last five Four, three, two, shook those legs, the next 15 seconds she squats Seems easy trust me you'll feel the burn okay so we're really coming Nice and low for this one of the three she will become the chest proud and open up to you Anything for these let's be close to 90 degrees Can they check it live, may it come right now Fingers do not want you to hold fingers I want the check not thin We hold four five feet full breathe three feet third for a pulse Come on all the way you guys all the way keep beating me you have ten A second left all the way to the finish line Three Two One Welcome to raise these legs Make a side of the mat and we're going to go to that jump again I know This is a double pulse burn.

Okay. I want this power to keep you so good we are Fat Burning What – Well done you guys You should get to know this exercise before Now I do this several times circuit number one QG Power all the way as your legs should feel a little like jelly now Keep pushing for me you only have 20 seconds All you can do, don't give me away, okay Look 15 seconds low but low Yeah guys stayed five seconds Come on, keep pushing three straight down tonight 15 seconds we'll now go to one hundred of your favorite core exercises I'll see this a lot in my 30 day period to flatten the back in a mat Legs Legs in crunch arms up and down is fine for this eye watching Look between climbing keep looking and if you can Straighten legs and keep that lower back into my gentle Strong to me here oh well keep pushing sorry so proud of you all the way I will repeat these exercises assuming this is done a little higher at Crisis if you can come don't give up on me I like 10 seconds a little higher come on on the guys a little higher for Another 5 4 3 2 in standing on that repot squatting this is the point where I am I really want you to dig deep men I know your legs and body up to 3 per square One, two, three let's go and full angle Focusing on controlling my breathing to encourage my exit but I'm jealous We keep pushing because we're about to there Don't give up the 20 seconds you should feel here you must Your heart is beating like crazy and there must be some sweat on you Come on guys keep pushing foot nine nine eight Seven six count five five three two Okay, so I'll take that now We'll go with those back squat so pretty and low but rode low in Line ankles trying to get this side close to parallel down because 45 Seconds I really want the chest not to come toward me Come on Looking to relax your shoulders Let the essential foodies do the work we do Can not go up to the toes and drop down Toes and bottom three we will go to stick to for two to go five and holes Toes horizons nine eight seven yes no five Four and three two Now on the time you have 10 seconds you may have a little The shapes are continuous.I've amazingly come to keep this in One such side of the mask is ready what I see Now this is the first round if you are struggling just go with the walk instead Keep this booty nice and low.Don't walk to the rhythm if you're still struggling Comes high on the toes The pressure on the ass and walking never works from Bad as well as muscular change okay only 20 seconds left Come on Pay guys 15 seconds I want everything you have for another 10 90 Pay eight seven six five straight points for Between them he'll keep breathing 15 seconds to 3 feet now 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 3 2 1 You still have toe-up and squat jumps are fine I mean we went to strike a little more ten but it is good for our last Exercise man is torch legs up to go Come along the way through surrender to me if you struggle to place those Feet down and reach your knees to have this guy all the way Over you have ten seconds left Pay to continue to pay for another five years four three two one Now that's the point When you really hate me we're done it's one minute The problem is all I promise you are okay so I want you to put yourself a bowl Finishing is one minute of Burpees we're going to do this multiple times During the thirty-day period set yourself a goal, it doesn't matter what you get Team today but every time you do it trying to increase the amount Burgers that you can complete just to go through Revathi Well I want you Your stomach if you can come in line with the chest descending the feet Then up and straight down again OK If you struggle with it you can go with half-do or stand-up burpees Jumps up and repeats fine Wow a minute I'm going to count you To be a fan, get ready we're going in Three We Go Too thick yourself go one leaving men one of their wrinkles Think about your goal and keep pushing you know at this point that you want to stop But I don't let you watch you are really fine you really are A quarter of the way if you can fire it three or four so far Sincerely, I salute you that you are on the right path Well, exit the hard way if any Of you you can get over 20 on this I am also proud of you For the first day it is unbelievable but it doesn't matter what you get me either Proud of you guys you're done halfway up now you're cute down the hill Keep this for me, you guys have 15 seconds left Anyone can fit another shape comes as I dig a deep dig a deep dig a deep dig Ten nine eight seven six five your master can lie on the ground whatever It works for you the position was so amazing wow I'm so proud of you guys I know how I got in love Get your feedback let me know how many bad news everyone has achieved leaving I know this is not competing with each other this is an opportunity for Clapping for each other because we are in the community and we are getting healthy Happy together and we should all also be proud of each other Sincerely unbelievable as I said before please give this video an awesome Most importantly, please share this video with your friends with your family Get involved in the 30 day free program that we have here you can start Anytime it doesn't matter where and it is for all of us who want to make it Positive changes in our lives are okay, guys, well done Take a whole one What a bad day the one I woke up at 5:30 and that was a struggle But I'm feeling a lot better now I hope you guys too and thank you To join this trip I'll see you tomorrow for exercise # 202 Well I'll smash there

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