Adventure to Fitness – The #1 Educational Fitness Program for Kids!

is it time yet uh-huh it's time oh yeah it's time come on everyone let's get moving hi everybody its mr. mark your guide to adventure to fitness an interactive adventure for young kids of all abilities that happens right in the classroom and continues at home each episode is 30 minutes of continuous excitement exploration and exertion that is streamed into the classroom and infused with healthy lifestyle habits and information these curriculum based adventures easily integrate into any K through five classrooms that's a spec asaurus that's called hydro electric power Greeks a deca for the number-10 adventure – Fitness provides a 360 degree opportunity to educate engage and empower children teachers and parents at home at school and a special events adventure – Fitness is the number one classroom physical activity program for kids across the nation and we're on a mission of move higher but at the same time I feel great get fit and have the kids call adventure to fitness the best 30 minutes of the day so come on we're on a mission to move join us

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