2 Mile POWER WALK Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

– Are you ready to feel better? Good, 'cause we're going for a two mile mood boosting power walk with absolutely no jumping
and no equipment needed. Let's go. (cheerful music) All right, Killer Bs, let's
get moving and grouping with some arm circles
and high knees, you guys. Welcome to the workout. I'm Pahla B, I'm your best
middle-aged fitness friend. And around here, we are
all about making peace with your menopausal body. Making peace with your terrible balance. Actually, that is something
we're gonna be working on a little bit later
today, but not right now. Right now we're just warming up, you guys. I'm gonna tell you something, this is the third time that
I have started this workout. I don't usually edit out mistakes, but I had two of the
most ridiculous mistakes where I was just absolutely
not making sense at all, and I was like, I can't
leave that in, I just can't. So third time's a charm. Hi, welcome to your first and only workout that you're gonna ever see.

But today I've got a great one for us. Not with the mistakes notwithstanding. Let's go ahead and do some arm
crossers with booty kickers. I'm kind of anxious to
get into today's workout. I gotta be honest, once I get through this warmup I really think the workout
is gonna be fantastic. And that really is the whole point, right? We are here to boost your mood. My mood was lovely coming into this and then I started making mistakes and I realized that my mood has taken a little bit of a turn.

So let's go ahead and
boost our moods today. I've got the handy-dandy Gymboss here. Set for intervals of 45 seconds. And we are gonna be doing whatever kind of power walk
move feels good to you. I'm gonna be walking, like
just plain old walking. You could bring it into a march, you could even bring it up
to a jog if you'd like to. I'm demonstrating today at
a very moderate for me pace. This is not meant to be a push
day, it's meant to feel good.

And really, isn't that all you
ever want at your work out? Let's go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes. Here's the thing, I've got the handy-dandy
Gymboss set for 45 seconds. None of those is rest. We're gonna be doing our walking, marching, jogging, high knees, whatever, whatever kind of emotion
you wanna call it, I'll be walking paired
with different kinds of low impact exercises. There's absolutely no jumping today. There's absolutely no
transitions to the ground. It's absolutely, honestly,
kind of a simple day. And that's exactly why
we like them around here, which is why I'm anxious to get to it.

So you know what? Let's get to it. (timer beeps) There we go. 45 seconds of walking. Now here's what it looks like. We're gonna be walking and then we're gonna be
doing something else, and then we're gonna come
right back to walking. So, whatever you are doing
with the every other interval you can always just come back
to walking, marching, jogging, whatever it is that feels good to you. Even if you actually really like the exercise that we're doing, you could actually
continue doing that too.

My friends, my friends,
make this workout yours. Would it be, 'cause obviously
we're gonna be doing low swinging tappers, which means that our hands
are gonna be swinging just not overhead. They're actually gonna go kind of high but they're gonna be swinging
the low part of our body rather than up over our heads, and we're just gonna be
tapping from side to side. Nice and simple, nice and gentle.
(timer beeps) And that is to me, here we go with those
low swinging tappers. That to me is probably
one of the best ways to boost your mood. That was actually the real thought behind this workout today. When it beeps again, of course, we're going back to
that walking, marching, jogging, running, whatever,
whatever you wanna do.

I love a workout that feels doable. Now again, the mistakes notwithstanding trying to get into this workout, I really think personally
that having a very simple, very straightforward, very
sweaty, very effective workout is one of the best ways
to boost your mood. Now, of course, I'm very
partial to a cardio workout really specifically also.
(timer beeps) Here we go back to that
walking or marching. I'm very partial to a cardio workout because a cardio workout really has that, the right kind for me personally, the right kind of intensity that actually releases endorphins.

Now I do occasionally get a
nice little endorphin rush after doing some like strength
training work as well. When it beeps again, by the way, we're doing high knee, high punches. So our hands are gonna be
right here at our shoulders, gonna bring up one high knee at a time while we're punching up
overhead with the opposite hand. And that is gonna take a little bit of coordination on my part. All we've got is a little
bit of coordination today. You know finding that
right balance is exactly how we boost our mood.
(timer beeps) So high knee, high punch, going across your body at
a pace that works for you. There is no rest today. So we're thinking about
pulling in our core. We're thinking about moving at
a pace that meets our goals. If your goal is weight loss, you should definitely be going moderate.

Your goal is body shaping, you should probably also
still be going moderately depending on what kind
of a day it is for you. It would be incredibly easy
to turn today into a push day, by simply going a little bit faster, picking up the walking intervals to a little bit of a jiggety-jog or making sure that
you're really marching, really swinging into it.

You could absolutely make this workout,
(timer beeps) here we come back to that walking motion. You can make this workout
work for you no matter what. It's why I make workouts like this, so that you can make them your own. And I hope, I hope that
feeling empowered like that is part of what boosts your mood today. You guys, when it beeps again, we're gonna do forward hinge arm flappers, which means that our feet are gonna be a little bit
wider than hip width apart. Hands are doing jumping jacks
with absolutely no jumping and your lower body is gonna
be doing basically a dead lift.

You're gonna push your booty back and pull your booty forward
using your glute muscles, keeping your back nice and straight, keeping your core pulled in tight. Because yes, even during a cardio workout,
(timer beeps) here we go with forward
hinge arm flappers. Even during a cardio workout, we are thinking about excellent form. We are thinking about pulling in our core. We are thinking about moving
our body intentionally. That to me is honestly
one of the best ways to boost your mood also. You know, one of the reasons
why exercise feels so good when we're having a stressful day, it's because you have to think about it.

And you're therefore not thinking
about whatever it is else that has you feeling stressed out. My friends, no matter what
kind of a mood you are in, it is caused by your thoughts. And sometimes you can
change your mood simply by distracting yourself,
(timer beeps) which is what lots of us do. Here we go right back
to that walking motion. Which is what lots of us do. When we exercise is we distract ourselves by giving ourselves
something physical to do. For most of us, for me, for certain, exercise requires concentration. I don't think about this. I have to think about what's
coming next with, by the way, is reach across high and reach across low. Which means we're gonna reach across high. Meaning across like up and out, and then also low and out to each side. We'll find a nice rhythm with it. You will settle in to
making it work for you.

This is another one where
you could really kind of get your self rocking a little bit. If you don't need today to be low impact, you could turn lots of these.
(timer beeps) Here we go, reach across
high, reach across high. Reach across low, reach across low. You could absolutely get a little bit of a bounce into this one because you're tapping
out that opposite foot. You could make this much
more jumpy if you wanted to. I never want to. That's what keeps my mood nice and high is by not pushing myself to do things that I really don't like to do.

My workouts are meant to be simple. They're meant to be, dare
I say it, almost easy. I want you to feel super empowered, super confident, super happy, that you were able to get
through every single exercise in a way.
(timer beeps) Here we go, back to walking. In a way that feels really good to you. Maybe that means you're modifying.

Maybe that means you're moderating. Maybe that means you're
subbing out for something else if I'm doing something
that you don't like. That is all good. When you make the workout work for you. When you distract yourself by thinking, what's working for me? What do I want out of this? How could I move intentionally? How can I make this workout
get me where I wanna go? That is all mood-boosting
thoughts right there my friends.

When it beeps again. We're doing toy soldiers. Hands are gonna be up overhead. We're gonna reach our opposite hand towards our opposite kicking foot. You guys, one of the other best ways.
(timer beeps) Here we go with toy soldiers. One of the other best
ways to boost your mood is to have a friend along
for a nice friendly chat. It has been shown in
lots of different studies that we feel good, even, even
deep, deep introverts like me who don't really like all that peopling. We like a little bit of social connection. Some of us like a lot, some
of us like very little. But even I being alone here in my room, you being alone there in your room, I feel a connection to you. I feel like we are working out together. Hopefully you feel like that too. Hopefully you feel like you
have your best fitness friend right there in the room
with you hanging out and talking way too much.
(timer beeps) Here we go to the walk inner marching.

Because that kind of social
connection boosts your mood. I know, I know, because I
hear it literally every day that I talk way too much for a workout, but there's a reason. There are two reasons. Number one, I can't stop myself. Number two, it's actually
good for both of us. When it beeps again, you guys. Oh my gosh, we're doing
something new and different. Here we go with the whole
brain concentration thing. We're doing curtsy jacks. You are welcome to do any other kind of any kind of jack that you wanna do. I'm trying, this one, for
the very first time today, when your hands are down,
you're down in a curtsy lunge. When your hands are up, we're standing up. So it's a lot like squat jacks except that it's a curtsy lunch.
(timer beeps) So we're down and then we're up. And then we're curtsy and then we're up. So your hands are doing jumping jacks, your legs, oh my gosh, weirdly
are doing curtsy lunges, and I've never done anything
quite like this before and it feels very exciting and new.

That my friends is on purpose. I only, I think I really only have the one new and interesting
novel exercise today because that's another great
way to boost your mood. Doing something new and different, if this is the first time
you've done this workout, that right in itself
was novel and different, probably enough to help get your mood up. But trying something new and different that doesn't feel too scary.

There we go,
(timer beeps) right back to walking or marching. That you only have to do once 'cause this is a no repeat workout. Doing something new that feels doable is a great way to boost
your mood because then, then you get that boost
of confidence also like, oh my gosh, I tackled that thing that was new and different
and scary or not too scary, and I did it. Hooray! You guys, when it beeps again. We're doing butter churns. Okay. Butter Churns. There is not a wrong way to do them. And there is not a right way to do them. There is whatever way
my body starts to move, when we start to move.

I've got a mnemonic device about this. When your hands are down,
(timer beeps) one foot is out. There we go. I was able to get it
started, very exciting. This is another great
way to boost your mood is by tackling something that
feels a little bit difficult. Butter churns, I love them. I have so much fun with this exercise, but for some reason they're
particularly difficult for me to do correctly. I would say, I would say
I'm half and half on, when I get started, where my hands are and where my feet are. So if you've seen me do butter
churns in any other video, they might look like
this and they might not. Frankly, I'm getting better at them, and that is boosting my mood, because it feels good to know that you're making some kind of progress especially on something that feels a little bit difficult.
(timer beeps) Here we go.

Right back to that walking,
marching, jogging, running, whatever intensity suits your mood today. And you know, the reason
why intensity matters is because when we put forth
an effort, our body rewards us. I mean those endorphins do come flying in for all kinds of different
sorts of intensity. When it beeps again we're
doing punch, punch, kick, which is one of my favorites. We're just gonna plant our feet which is part of why I like it and we're gonna punch forward,
we're gonna punch forward, and then we're gonna kick. This is another one where I think I do it more or less
the same way every time, but sometimes I'll get my rhythm a little bit off.
(timer beeps) So punch, punch, and kick,
punch, punch, and kick. I try, in fact, oh my
gosh, oh, I totally did.

Okay, so I'm right handed, which means that on that first one I did punch with my right hand
first as I am wanted to do, it's my dominant hand. However, what I normally do is whichever foot I had just kicked with, that is the hand that I punch with. So that means on the first two repetitions I'm actually doing the
very first one incorrect because I punch with my right hand and then I also kick with my right foot. That's why sometimes you guys have trouble following along with me is because I unintentionally do some dominant things.
(timer beeps) Here we go, right back
to walking or marching.

That boosted my mood to figure that out. Because I've had people
ask me about that for that. Well, there's a couple of exercises that I've had people ask me about before where they say they have a
hard time following my rhythm. And now I know why, because
my dominant hand was like, yeah, of course I'm punching
first, why wouldn't I? And now, now I might be able
to correct that in the future. That feels really exciting
to have that information and know that I can get
better in the future. You guys, when it beeps again. We're gonna to do skiers. And I never have a problem
with skiers usually, but I know that skiers are very difficult for lots of people. I love skiers because your hands are doing one thing.
(timer beeps) Your hands are going back and forth, up and down in front of your body. Your feet rather are
shuffling back and forth. Now here's the thing about skiers. It's kind of like every
other exercise that we do. Technically speaking, you're
going across your body, depending on how you think about it.

Whichever foot is stepping back, the other hand is going forward. I know lots of people want to be moving the same hand and the same
foot at the same time. Therefore, that's the
way that works for you. This is what I'm talking about with making the workout work
for you to boost your mood. You get to do skiers
any way that feels good. My friends, I promise
there are no workout police that are gonna come
(timer beeps) knocking on your door. Here we go back to walking. And my microphone, the wire is doing
something wacky over here. Don't mind me, I'm just adjusting my shirt right in the middle of our workout. You guys, this is why I don't
usually edit out mistakes is because I never know
when I'm gonna make one.

And I am not gonna be almost halfway into our workout and start over again. I've got nice and sweaty
now, how about you? When it beeps again. We're doing can cans. Another one that can feel
a little bit difficult because we're doing a
couple of different things. We're bringing up one knee and then we're kicking with that same leg. Now here's how I think about this one. I don't. When in doubt I let my
body just kind of take over on this one.
(timer beeps) I moved my hands in a way that feels good. Sometimes I do an elbow and then a reach. Sometimes I just let my hands
kind of stay where they are. It really depends on what moves you. If you can turn this into a dance, which is kind of supposed to be, a knee and a kick, a knee and a kick. It's supposed to remind
you of The Rockettes on New York Rockefeller Center stage. You know we're just having
some fun with this one.

All of these exercises are meant to feel like their own version of fun. And I know that that
sounds kind of ridiculous. Exercise is supposed to be hard, right? Aren't we supposed to
think really hard about it? Aren't we supposed to just get the sweaty and put in our best effort and push harder
(timer beeps) and do more and be more intense? Here we go back to walking. No. No, we don't have to do that at all.

This, my friends, might
really boost your mood to know that you can get any result you want. Any result from any intensity simply by repeating and
coming back consistently by thinking about what you're doing and by making it work
into a total routine. One workout one time, the best thing that it's gonna do for you is boost your mood. It's not gonna give you
any other physical results. One of these, again, you guys, we're doing double knee Xs. Which, it means, that we're gonna make a
giant X with our body, hands up and out, feet out wide. (timer beeps)
We're gonna bring our elbow to our knee
two times on one side, then two times on the other. We're crunching in the middle, keeping that other hand up overhead is what is keeping our
heart rate up, up, up.

I don't know if you've noticed it but here we are at the
approximately halfway-ish point. I can't count. Not even gonna try. But we are approximately halfway and we've got a little
cardiac drift going on. No matter how slowly you do anything, the more you do it,
the more you endure it, the higher your heart rate is gonna go. So even if you are taking
today a very, very gentle, barely moving pace. By the time we're done,
(timer beeps) here we go, back to
walking, marching, jogging, whatever you want.

By the time you're done, your heart rate will have come up. This my friends is what they refer to when we are talking about
boosting your metabolism. And what another great
way to boost your mood, no matter what you are doing. No matter how gently you
are taking this workout. This workout, unless
you are getting injured is doing amazing things for you. It's boosting your metabolism. Meaning that you are burning
calories at an elevated rate. When it beeps again, by the
way, we're doing goofy jacks. It's not a squat, it's like a little, as my friend Jennifer says, a squatito.

It's a tiny squat, it's a
crouch, it's a little hunch. And then we're gonna bring our hands 'cause we're doing
(timer beeps) jumping jacks even
though we're not jumping. And one foot out at a time. I bring my foot up and out, not tapping, but fully balancing. Working on a little
bit of balancing skills a little bit at a time, boosting our mood by challenging ourselves just the right amount. Not too much, not too little. My friends, what a great job you're doing. I'm so proud of you. I'm also trying to think about
what I was talking about. And I think there was an important point that I hadn't finished making and I'm not gonna worry
about it right now. Later. Later when I'm editing this and I'm writing the description, if I can think of what it
was that I was trying to say, I'll put it in the description.

Do you guys know how to open up the description box?
(timer beeps) We go back to walking and marching. When you are on desktop or mobile only. If you're watching me on TV,
you have no access to comments. You have no access to the description box. You have no access to all of my links. You have no access to anything. You have to be on desktop or mobile to be able to open up the description box. And when you do, oh my gosh,
everything is in there. I've got links for, oh my gosh, I've got links
for my entire outfit. I've got links for my Killer B Hive, which is my Facebook group. I've got links to my podcast. I've got links to everything. You guys, when it beeps
again, we're doing ding dongs. Ha ha, one of my favorite mood boosters. This is one of those
exercises that just feels amazing to me.
(timer beeps) We are swinging our hands low, meaning that they're
not going up overhead, but oh, we are kicking
out wide to the side. And we're actually getting
our hands up pretty high while we're doing it, almost but not entirely, knocking ourselves out of balance.

Working on our balance skills
pulling in our core of course, and having so much fun. For whatever reason, this exercise makes me
feel so free and loose and kind of young. I think it's because of the association with the weeble wobbles
that I frequently make when we are doing this. But also it just feels good to my body. You know how sometimes some movements just make you feel very,
very light, very open, (timer beeps)
very eager. Here we go with back to walking. That movement is one of them to me. I think because we get so much momentum it almost feels not really
like a roller coaster but like that sort of
anti-gravity feeling, like there's not much of
me on the ground anymore. And it feels really good,
I love that feeling. And it boosts my mood. You guys, when it beeps again, we're doing cheerleader kicks. There's nothing inherently
about cheerleader kicks that boosts my mood, because
I was never a cheerleader.

Goodness, gracious, no. I was never a cheerleader. I was actually, you know
what, in high school, this is something I kind
of feel bad about it. I was one of those people who kind of made fun of cheerleaders. And I had friends who were cheerleaders. I didn't make fun of them
to their faces or anything, (timer beeps)
but because I knew I couldn't. So hands are here, we're kicking forward. Hands are at your shoulders and then they go up
overhead with your elbows nice and wide the entire time.

There was absolutely a part of me that knew that I was never
going to be coordinated enough or talented enough or outgoing
enough to be a cheerleader. So instead what I did
was I made fun of them. I have since learned as an adult, that we all do that sometimes. The things that we are afraid of or the things that we feel
like we can't possibly do, those are the things that we scorn, or we mock, or we make fun of. And I've learned, I've learned at my ripe old age of 50 plus that I don't have to do that anymore. It's actually really mood-boosting to be really,
(timer beeps) we go back to walking. To be really nice to other people, to feel amazed that other people have skills and talents that I don't. I watch people who do cheerleading and I am astounded at
how athletic they are, at how strong they are, at how
much core strength they have. You watch cheerleaders, my friends, they work on their core strength to be able to balance
on somebody's shoulders and all that stuff they
do, phew, well beyond me.

You guys, coming up next, we're doing big arms side shuffles. I'm scooting over here a little bit. You just need a couple of
steps from side to side. This is another one that
always boosts my mood because it feels fun to move laterally. Not something we do a lot. (timer beeps)
I mean, we do here at the Pahla B Fitness channel. Here we go with big arms side shuffles. We do a lot of lateral movements. I am always thinking about helping you move in different planes of motion so that you can stay on your
feet for as long as possible. And that my friends is another
great way to boost your mood, by knowing that what
you're doing right now is really nice to your future self.

When you do stuff like this, you take yourself a little
bit outside your comfort zone, you move in ways that we don't move, you know the other 23 and
a half hours of the day, which reminds me of one other video from a really, really long time ago. I said something about the other 24 and a half hours a day.
(timer beeps) We go back to walking or marching. And nobody, this video is probably three or four years old at this point. Nobody has ever commented
on me saying that, which is obviously a
ridiculous thing to say because there are only 24 hours in a day, but I'm gonna point it out to you.

It's an Easter egg. Go find that video. I've only got 800 plus videos, I'm sure you can find it easily. But anyways, when it beeps,
we're doing letter Ks. Again, I feel like I was making
a really good point there. Oh, lateral motions
helps you boost your mood because it's a little bit different, and because it's the kind of thing that's going to help your future self, it actually kind of
boosts your mood today. Like, you know what? In a couple more weeks, a couple more months,
(timer beeps) a couple more years, here
we go with letter Ks. Hands up overhead. We're bringing down one
hand towards that same foot kicking out to the side again
with some lateral movements, really thinking about
pulling in your core, cause your hands are up overhead. But also thinking about
squeeze, squeeze, squeezing from the sides of your booty. Your future self will
thank you for that too. Every time we do any workout your future self is so proud of you. So happy that you put in this effort, especially when we do
things like lateral motions.

Especially when we do
things like strengthening some of our helper muscles, inner and outer thighs not
meant to be prime movers but they do sometimes when
we do lateral motions. That's when it's so good,
(timer beeps) right back to walking or marching. That's when your future
self is super proud of you for taking the extra time to do something a little bit different. My friends, my friends. Oh, your future self is gonna thank you for the next one too. Right now, your present self, this might not boost your
mood, but it will later, okay? We're doing drinky bird jacks. But this is the cardioversion, you guys. I know that when we do like
the very slow moving version that that is especially
difficult, but the cardio version, all we're thinking about is
pulling in your core of course.

We're thinking about flapping our arms, and we're thinking about
having a little bit of balance. You don't have to come all the
way over into a drinky bird, which by the way, it's a single leg dead lift.
(timer beeps) You just have to do a little something and really thinking about your balance a little bit at a time is something your future self is also going to thank you for. And I thank you for doing this because I know you don't
love this exercise. I know this is a tough
one for lots of you, but I'm super proud of you. And that means, well, it doesn't mean, you could be proud of yourself whether I'm proud of you or not. You can be proud of yourself for tackling something
that's a little bit tricky, a little bit outside your comfort zone.

A little bit not your favorite thing, but you could do anything for 45 seconds because really we're very close to the end of this workout and you've done amazing so far.
(timer beeps) Here we go right back to walking. This is the magic of the no
repeat workout, my friends. We get through them. We feel really good about
the individual exercises. It boosts our mood because of the different
levels of challenge, and then we never have to do it again, or at least not in this workout.

You guys, when it beeps again. Another one that I have done wrong, not as often as I do it right, I feel like this one I've
gotten a lot better at as soon as I changed the name. This is walking stars which you might know as
a box step or a V step. As soon as I changed the
name of this exercise it made so much more sense to me. One of my friends told me in a comment that her husband calls this, pick an apple and put it in your pocket because that
(timer beeps) is what made sense to him. So pick an apple, put it in your pocket. We're stepping forward,
reaching up that same hand and then stepping back,
up, up, down, down, forward, forward, back, back. I am changing leader legs each time which is what makes it very
difficult to follow along with. But here's the thing. Because I'm not gonna come
knocking on your door, I'm not going to bother
you about whether or not you're doing it the right way or your way.

Do it your way. Do it your way. Make it through, put your
hands up over your head, which is what's getting your heart rate up and feel amazing. Because that my friends is the real secret to boosting your mood. You don't have to ever knock yourself out. You don't have to ever say mean things to yourself.
(timer beeps) Here we go, back to walking. About how you couldn't do it right.

About how you had to modify. About how you had to do
that one exercise different or you never were very
good at that one exercise. Those were all optional thoughts. You are welcome, no matter
how this workout went for you. If you fell down on your face, but as long as you didn't get injured. If you couldn't do any of the exercises the way I'm doing them. If you got through half of it, if you got through two thirds of it. If you did anything at all, you are allowed to think
that you did amazing. When it beeps again we're
doing punch down tapouts, and that my friends is our
last exercise of this work out. I know. See, I'm singing. I'm singing about that.
(timer beeps) So punch down and tapout. This is another one. Very easily you could turn up the intensity on this one if you want to, but I don't, that's why I'm
just doing a nice gentle tap, a nice gentle punch down. I'm kind of thinking about getting a little bit
of work in those triceps, because I do like to think about toning while I'm doing my cardio,
but you don't have to as long as you're not getting injured.

My friend, I invite you wholeheartedly to think something amazing about yourself. Try it right now. Think, I am glorious. I'm a walking, talking, thinking, blinking miracle antibody. Didn't that feel good? And you're allowed to think
that anytime you want to. (timer beeps)
Didn't that boost your mood? We're gonna come back to
walking, because you know what? We're done but we're not finished. That boosted my mood. I love to say that. I know I'm not surprising you, unless it's your first workout with me. And if it is, we're frequently done
but we're never finished. I've got one final thing for us. Yes, we're gonna practice our balance. Yes, we're gonna feel good about it. Yes, you can pause the
video and grab a chair and have it next to you. Yes, you can stand next to the wall.

Yes, you can think amazing
things about yourself and about this workout and about what you are doing in the world no matter how poorly this goes. We're doing front kick, back kicks. This is how we practice our balance. I guarantee I'm gonna be bobbling all over the place,
(timer beeps) cause that's what we do. I'm gonna stand on my left leg first. We're gonna front kick
and we're gonna back kick. We're gonna front kick again. We're gonna back kick again. It's all we're doing for 45 seconds. We're really thinking about holding in our core, nice and strong. Hold that belly button all the way to your spine the entire time.

We're thinking, excuse me,
if I'm not burping in public. Wow. But I don't have to think
bad things about that. I can think that I had a great workout and a lot of water
right before we started. You're also thinking
about standing on that leg with a nice soft knee, which means that you're
engaging your quadriceps which is the front of your thighs, as well as your glutes, which
is the back of your butt. Trying really hard to unclench your toes, because, my friends, your toes, aren't balancing you.
(timer beeps) Here we go on the other side,
front kick and back kick.

I'm a little bit slower on this side until I get the rhythm going. You can go as slow as you want, you can go as fast as you want. I'm thinking, I'm trying
to readjust my foot. My ankle has been a little bit
sore the last couple of days. It feels like it needs to pop. And I've noticed that my foot is trying really hard to kick out so that it feels more comfortable, but I would rather work on my balance, which means that I like to have all 10 of my toes facing forward. Thinking about your foot placement, thinking about where your
body is in space and time, making and building that
brain body connection is a huge mood booster.
(timer beeps) Ha, ha, ha. You know what else is a mood-booster? Being finished, cause it's better than being done.
(timer beeps) Guys, let's cool it down a little bit.

Let's do some tappers here
with some nice big arm circles. Do you know what I was gonna tell you? Oh my gosh, like way, way, way long ago, I was gonna talk about how I called this a two mile
power walk, and how you know, you're probably gonna
get lots of steps in, but how it really doesn't matter. That was actually going to
be one of the main messages and yet, and yet it wasn't. So let me tell you now
really quickly, my friends, it doesn't matter how
many steps you got in.

It doesn't matter if your Fitbit registered this as a workout, your body, your body knows, your
body knows what you did. And doesn't your brain know it now too? Didn't that just boost your mood to tell yourself that you
could feel good about anything at any time you tackled something
that was relatively easy but had its own challenges. You tackled some exercises
that you don't like but you did them anyways. You did an amazing, amazing job. Let's open up. Ahh, and then you know it, we're gonna to close it up. Give yourself a big hug and
a pat on your back, (exhales) because you did amazing today.

Let's open it up again. I do have an extended cool
down here on screen for you. I do encourage you to do
the extended cool down. I keep these nice and quick because I know that some of you really do need to hustle
along with your day. But I also know that
I'm gonna encourage you to do the extended cool down anyways because it's really good for you and it can continue to boost your mood. Because when you do
something that's good for you that maybe, maybe you wanted to do it, maybe you didn't wanna do it, but then your body thanks you later. That just feels amazing
physically and mentally. My friends, what a
great job you did today. Thank you so much for working out with me.

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