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Hello my name is Olga Klinkowska.
I'd like to welcome you to the course of Fixed Income Analysis. Fixed income
securities are one of the biggest group of financial instruments in the world. In
2018, the capitalization of fixed income securities across the globe was
around 100 trillion US dollars – that's a huge amount, isn't it? In this course,
we're going to deal with the securities that represent this amount. The course
will provide you with an extensive knowledge and a sound understanding of
main types of fixed income securities, government instruments like Treasury
Board bonds or Treasury bills, corporate bonds, asset-backed securities and
mortgage-backed security. You'll gain the practical skills of pricing those
securities and learn the general principles that underlie the valuation
of fixed income securities. You will find out in this course why so many
investors, traders, or professionals in finance related to fixed income
securities closely follow the announcement of central banks on the
level of interest rates in the economy and why the interest rates are crucial
for fixed income securities. From the practical perspective, we will discuss the main types of risk that traders face when investing into fixed income

You will learn how to measure and interpret the interest rate
risk and the credit risk – the two main types of risk which are crucial in fixed
income analysis if you want to develop your career within the financial
industry. For example, as a portfolio or hedge fund manager or as a security
analyst, this is the course for you. I'm sure that you will enjoy the analysis of
fixed income securities and I wish you an exciting learning experience over the

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