More than 100 people including children shot dead in Myanmar

more than 90 people including children are reported to have been killed by security forces in myanmar on the deadliest day since last month's military takeover us uk and eu officials have condemned the violence with the foreign secretary dominic raab calling it a new low laura bicker reports defiant determined and undaunted armed with slingshots and wooden sticks they scream in protest as the bullets continue to fly street battles sprung up in over 40 towns and cities some sheltered behind makeshift barriers in their neighborhoods but the gunfire at times appeared relentless attempts were made to save as many lives as possible the applause here offering hope to these makeshift medics but casualties including children were reported across the country making it the bloodiest day since the army seized power on february the 1st the military turned in its own people on what was supposed to be a national holiday to honor the armed forces myanmar's british ambassador said the security forces had disgraced themselves as general min online inspected the troops in a grand parade he said he would protect the country from danger he blames protesters for the violence and a tv message warned they would be shot in the head violent acts that affect stability and security in order to make demands are inappropriate [Applause] but the people of myanmar appear ready to continue their protest and fight for democracy to be restored whatever the cost laura bicker bbc news

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