How a photographer in Ghana reunited a teenager with his family – BBC News

[Music] whenever i go there the kind of poverty i come face to face with first i feel ashamed deeply that i know our people shouldn't be living under these circumstances [Music] when you enter above bullish right now you're likely to see young people dismantling e-waste for the valuable materials inside in 2013 pure earth and green cross switzerland listed above blues among the top 10 most toxic environment in the world [Music] i knew that some of them could be will be run away children they wouldn't tell you where they come from [Music] someone reached out and said one of the children in your photograph is actually a missing person we've been so much worried about this kid in fact some of us even thought he had passed on we went in and malik saw me and then he saw his aunt and i remembered he immediately put his head down and the ants started crying profusely [Music] it felt great at that point knowing that my work has led to this family reuniting and at the same time i was also angry malik shouldn't be there in the first [Music] place [Music] clearly the family is not in a very good place financial resources wise has it been easy harder it's been harder being back yes why because my grandmother doesn't have money to give the children are going back to school and it's mentioning to me that he's worried he wants to go back to school and the family have they have also told me that it's a it's a difficult situation for them i will do what i can to help but clearly my help wouldn't be enough these young people it's on all of us as a society you

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