US hate crimes: ‘Asian women are not weak, timid or quiet’ – BBC News

he looks at my name tag and asks what's your real name i tell him that cindy is what's printed on my birth certificate ever since i was little i was made invisible in physical and emotional ways on franklin avenue he bumps into me and says watch where you're going they see us as very quiet not very outspoken almost as if we fade into the background in an ikea parking lot i yield he signals me to roll down the window of my u-haul truck laughs not too bad for an asian woman asian women are not weak asian women are not timid asian women are not quiet i hear my therapist call me beautiful and call himself colorblind they don't want something different from what they're used to and that kind of forces asian women to kind of shift towards american you know beauty standards social standards my friend has brain cancer and enrolls in a clinical trial he asked if i would sleep with him before he dies there is a sense that we always owe something more that we should accommodate to what other people need if it's not given immediately there's a sort of punishment or withdrawal of a relationship to pay for that i think the first generation like my mother's generation and my grandparents they did keep to themselves so you never heard from them they were hiding not because they were afraid or anything they were just independent for some reason this past year they think all the asians should go home wherever home may be but they don't know that home is here no justice no justice i wish americans or just people would see asian women as other people at the root of it all we are all human beings we all have families we all have loved ones we all want to be happy we all care about other people [Music] [Music] you

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