UFC 260 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

>> If you like pina coladas. >> Yeah, wait,
what was that again? >> Oh, he's got rock. >> Yeah.
>> Jimmy Buffett. >> Rock yeah rock. I swear it's called something. It's called yeah rock. >> No it's Legends by Day Drive. And this band called– >> That's what I'm asking
where was it at? >> Legends. >> And you kept
saying yeah rock. >> No, kept saying what. >> What's yeah rock. >> Oh, Jesus, guy. >> Why don't you get
your nipples pierced. >> [bleep]. >> Your nipples are pierced? >> They were.
>> Why? Back in your boy band days? >> Yeah.

>> Bye, bye, bye. Good job, this is
good stuff, bro. >> This is awesome. >> Yeah, I usually pick up
a shift a couple days before I leave. This one's Friday night shift. We leave on Monday, so. All in all, every
day is different. Some days, tons of calls. Some days you
don't get any calls. Just depends what
it is, you know. Like I've done training earlier. Just came straight here because it's
right down the street. I don't wanna go back
home and he made jambalaya. I'm Catholic, so I
can't eat meat today.

He made me a special shrimp. Working for the station, I
worked so hard to get here. I don't wanna give it up. Plus, you always
gotta have a backup plan. Plus it keeps me grounded. I love being here. It's a different mentality. You know, it keeps me. Just good guys
here, and I love it. I love everything
about it, honestly. ♪ Mop, mop, mop all day long ♪ ♪ Mop, mop, mop while
I sing this song ♪ ♪ Gonna scrub the floors ♪ ♪ Gonna make it shine. ♪ I actually sing when
I'm mopping the floor, not sweeping it. Good times. This is the bay. We have two squads,
two engines, tanker. Don't mind the yellow trucks. We're switching over. Once we get a new one here soon. That's a while but they're
gonna be red from now on. I've got my locker over here. Somebody bought me JdS one time.
Funny, right. Good guy. >> Stop in the lobby. You have to show your placard. >> Oh! >> See! Remember that? >> That's crazy.
No, I never seen this! Nice.

By the way, when
it's late at night, this thing scared
the [bleep] outta me. This is the worst thing ever. At like 2 in the morning, when you're going to a call,
coming back from a call, I always think someone's there. For how many years, I still. This thing freaks me out. If we ever get rid of
this thing, I want it. First dibs. [music on radio] >> Just gonna have kind of
a relaxed flow day today. Fight's here.
He's ready. We just gonna flow
a little bit. A lot of skill set stuff,
a lot of technical stuff. [bell ringing] We'll just have
a good day of a professional
fighter's life. Three-two. We work six days a week. Hard body shot!
Yes! Today's the sixth day.

Hey, straight right! We're just going to chop
wood and get a good sweat in. Hey, last one champion! Hey!
Woo! He's kicking hard now. That power is definitely there. Woo! The power's real! >> Alright, let's get the
mind right, here we go. Keep it over 65. Let's come out of the gate
with the heart rate up. Here we go, 20 seconds
right here, hold. Touch 80 and then we're
gonna stay there for 10. There you are. Stay there,
stay there, stay there. You're in it, you're in it. Short rest, short rest,
short rest. Get it to 80.
Great, great, great. Come on. Get ready, last one, go.

Come on. Good, good, good. Come on. Right there, right there. Time, good job. This is time to just mentally
get there and see it all. You're not thinking. You're feeling it
and you're doing it. Constantly see
that in your head. You're not thinking. You're seeing it, feeling
it, and you're doing it. You're light and fast. The looser you are,
the faster you are. He knows in his
heart and his mind, he put everything
into this camp. And when you can truly
say that and do that, you deserve to have
this week coming up. You deserve the rest. You deserve the recovery. You deserve to laugh
with your teammates and your friends
that you sweat with, that you yelled with,
that you fought with. 400 meters away. Start getting your
toes a little bit. Use your full body. And this is what– this is what we're
looking forward to. It's a week of
just letting go and saying you know what,
we did everything we could.

Now it's out
of our hands. >> [yelling] >> This is how serious he is. This is what–
[banging] >> Do you lift, bro? Do you lift? [water splashing] >> We've been working together,
I think, 6 weeks now. So, getting the first
week or two, I found out a few
things he didn't like. You know, he's got a really lean
physique for his size.

He's built like a 155er
or 170er extended. We want to pack on
as much muscle. Of course he's working
with Clint at UFC PI, who's the nutrition director. I am a big science person, but I don't have to do
the science myself. They feed me the
information to make Francis hopefully work the
best possible way that he can. >> Ginger with lime, hot. I drink this to help me
with cough, everything. Ooh. It's spicy. Okay, Adam, see you. Have a good one. >> I appreciate it.
>> Bye. >> See you again soon, okay. >> Okay, see you, Adam. [kid laughing] >> Jump, jump, jump. >> [yelling] >> Jump, jump, jump. >> Yeah, before every
fight, we just have salad and sauce and some apps, and– >> Meatballs. >> Meatballs, and garlic bread. >> Oh, pork in there.

>> There's almost
like 40 in there. He likes to eat
this every time, every single time, pretty much. He has me or my mom make it. [chatter] Tomorrow's Monday. Typically, they don't
get into fight weeks until Tuesday, but he
always likes to go on Monday. Alright, my bread's out. And, he likes
regiment and routine. Everything's gotta be
the same, every single– every single time. Oh, you know what,
somebody can go grab the pop. But, um, the
difference this time is we're with child again. Um, but, we were last
time we fought Ngannou too, which is kinda funny. >> This is why I get pampered. They always take care of me. If one's not around,
the other one's got me.

I get spoiled too much. >> Between my mom, Kathy
– which is Stipe's mom, and my Aunt Mary,
they're like the trifecta. Basically, while we're
gone, they'll be here. >> Come on, are you ready? >> Okay. >> Tell me. Okay, ESPN+. >> I'm going to the fight and my parents stay
here with the baby. And we have to teach
them how to download the ESPN+ app and
stream it to the TV, because if not, they'll
call me approximately 2 minutes before the fight, and they'll need full
instructions at that time.

>> The last time, we had
to watch the whole fight on the little iPad. >> God forbid! >> At the kitchen counter. >> Third world
living conditions! >> So once it comes
up, okay, click on LG. Simple right? >> It looks simple now. I hope I don't forget. Everything's fine
unless I forget. >> And it pops up. >> Yeah, I can see how he
does wanna go downstairs. >> Okay. >> Why do I have
to go downstairs? Why doesn't Mommy go downstairs? >> He wants Daddy. >> No. >> Yes. >> Carry me down. >> You want me to
carry you down too? [grunting] [chatter] [dramatic theme music] ♪♪.

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