The women killed for working at a TV station – BBC News

was the first to be killed murdered late last year then shenars sadia and mursal shot dead walking home from the office earlier this month at the tv station they worked at in the city of jalalabad their desks now memorials out of 10 female employees here four are now dead it's too dangerous for the others to come in so that's being dubbed by mursal the three young women killed this month worked dubbing foreign tv dramas for the local audience this is the fair between extremists tourists and the people who want to rebuild afghanistan extremists don't want some things like this they said that the women is just for whom for a house for months now cities across afghanistan have been rocked by a wave of assassinations as well as journalists judges and human rights activists have been amongst the victims many of them women it seems a very deliberate effort to silence progressive and liberal voices in the country at the family home of sardia traces of a promising life cut far too short her mother never got an education she was so proud of what her daughter had achieved all i have now are these belongings and my memories says seema many of the targeted attacks in afghanistan have been blamed on the taliban but here in jalalabad the islamic state group is carrying out the killings less powerful than the taliban is is even more ruthless used to host a show on music and culture but they've been off air since the latest attacks many female journalists have left their jobs or even the country but haya is determined to go back to work as soon as she can success these awful killings are fueling fears and what the future holds for women's rights here a fragile peace process could see hardline taliban insurgents helping rule the country will the dreams of yet more afghan women end up being buried too sekanda kamani bbc news jalalabad you

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