Russia Eurovision entrant abused for women’s rights and LGBT stance – BBC News

one two three four you got enough you gotta break the wall every russian woman needs to know it was very hard to understand that um someone can hate you so much [Music] [Music] what's the message of the song we're always hearing these advices from our childhood like you need to be like this you need to be like this your skirt should be longer or shorter these stereotypes makes our life so bad and i'm tired of that [Music] you've come in for a lot of abuse over the song a lot of criticism how surprised are you about the reaction you can don't like my voice you can don't like a song but if you don't like me because i was born in tajikistan that was hard who do you think who do you think you are i've been made by mama russia [Music] it was very hard to understand that um someone can hate you so much like um one woman who has two children wrote me a message like i will pray to the god that your aircraft will crush you know when you will go to the rotor down and we're having some threats like if you're gonna sing like this about russian women you're gonna you're not gonna live anymore here have there been any moments in the last few days when you've thought you know i don't need this i don't need this kind of abuse that's i'm pulling out um i'm a normal person i'm i'm a human you know i have feelings and of course i had these thoughts but now i have a lot of support i can see it like not from only from media and media people from people who thinks like like the same like me you know and these things are supporting me this thing makes me stronger and i'm like i will go on a stage whatever it is i will go on a stage i'm gonna do my job yeah i'm gonna do it [Music] oh yeah you

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