Boris Johnson says UK will not escape third wave of Covid pandemic – BBC News

now the united kingdom will not escape the effects of a third wave of the pandemic given the sharp rise in cases in parts of the european union that's the warning from the prime minister boris johnson who said that people should be under no illusion about the dangers one minister also warned that the uk might put all our european neighbors on the red list of countries where arrivals are either banned or put into quarantine hotels during the day the row between the uk and the eu over vaccine supplies has intensified with a threat that the eu could block doses of vaccines which are manufactured in the eu from being exported to the uk our political editor laura koonsburg has more details france tonight quiet paris back in lockdown the disease double where it was last week on one side of the channel the number of cases higher and higher take up of the vaccine stubbornly low but on the opposite the disease falling back and vaccines rising you can see sadly there is a third wave underway when a wave hits our friends it i'm afraid uh washes up on our shores as well and i expect that we will we will feel those effects in in due course that's why uh we're getting on with our vaccination program as fast as we can much quicker here than on the continent where countries are closing their doors again but they've been public doubts from politicians about the safety of the jabs and significant shortfalls in the astrazeneca vaccines the eu ordered and in the last few days brussels has dangled the prospect of blocking exports nothing is off the table it is entirely legitimate for the european union to be looking at the different tools that it has at its disposal or could have at its disposal getting the vaccine here isn't always smooth or straightforward but a big majority of the hundred million astrazeneca jabs on order are being made in the uk a small amount's due from a factory in the netherlands and there are suggestions that could be shared with the eu 10 million doses are expected from india five already here and five held up but there are 40 million of the pfizer jabon order it's mainly made in belgium but relies on a component made here first off there's no immediate threat to the vaccine program here the government's adamant contract signed months ago will be honored and although boris johnson's talked on the phone to eu leaders there's no desire in downing street to get sucked into a diplomatic screaming match but the eu is so far behind they're likely to keep pushing hard for a way to catch up but many of its members might resist something as blunt or dramatic as stopping vaccines crossing the channel i think it would be a very retrograde step it would in my view be counterproductive i understand the issues with astrazeneca there's huge tension there between astrazeneca and the european union they have not fulfilled their contracts but there is no point in undermining the other companies while vaccinations break records here a brand new center in middlesbrough can give a thousand injections a day travel to our neighbors could be limited even further in this pandemic vaccines have a high practical and political price laura kingsburg bbc news westminster well european leaders will be meeting on thursday to discuss this and other issues let's go live to brussels and talk to our europe editor katya adler controls over vaccine exports katya how likely are they well hugh it's important to realize that eu leaders are under growing pressure to do something about vaccines for weeks citizens across the eu have been looking at the very successful vaccine rollout in the uk and they're asking well what about our vaccines this at a time when there's a third wave of the virus that's sweeping across much of mainland europe so of course the vaccine debate has now bled into national politics with some eu leaders feeling that their government's credibility is on the line here definitely the credibility of the european commission but that said eu diplomats that i've been talking to today say the focus of eu leaders when they meet at their summit on thursday will be how to secure more vaccines for the eu and the different methods possible to do that rather than an obsessive focus on vaccine export bans and that's because as we heard there in laura's report eu leaders are divided about the ideas of bans they're even divided about the idea of using existing powers they have more vaccine export controls they've only been used once to date to stop vaccine exports leaving the eu there is an appreciation here that in order to manufacture vaccines you have this very delicate global supply chain that a lot of leaders are worried about disturbing so yes hugh they will will be talking about possible export bans on thursday but it's unlikely they're going to come to a definitive unanimous conclusion catcher many thanks again catch adler there for us in brussels let's stay with the story because uh results from a trial in the united states have again confirmed that uh the oxford astrozenica vaccine is both safe and effective let's talk to our medical editor fergus walsh who's with us what did the results say fergus well impressive results which paved the way for the oxford astrazeneca vaccine to be finally approved in the u.s which was waiting on its own domestic trial data now there were more than 32 000 volunteers on the trial mostly in the u.s but also chile and peru now the vaccine was 79 effective at preventing symptomatic illness but it was a hundred percent a hundred percent effective at stopping severe disease keeping people out of hospital that was after two doses of the vaccine spaced four weeks apart crucially there were no safety concerns such as blood clots and the vaccine was as effective in older adults as it was in younger adults now both those points will be important for eu nations which some of whom are still not using the jab because of fear over clots and countries like france which initially wouldn't use the vaccine in older adults and now will only use the vaccine in the over 55s now there's no wonder there's further erosion in public confidence in the vaccine in the eu but these results confirm the real world data hundreds of thousands of people a day in the uk are having this vaccine and like the pfizer jab it's having a massive impact cutting deaths and protecting people from covert fergus many thanks once again focus walsh medical editor

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