Emergency curfew in Miami Beach over spring break Covid risk – BBC News

nighttime curfew has been extended in miami beach in florida after thousands of tourists descended on the area for the annual spring break holiday risking the spread of covet 19. a state of emergency was declared after city officials said they were unable to cope with the large number of people with few wearing masks or social distancing our north america correspondent peter bowes reports party time in miami spring break when students traditionally descend on florida to let off steam the bars beaches and restaurants are packed but this is no time to party the city of miami beach is currently under a state of emergency there's a curfew effect these extraordinary scenes have shocked local officials who say they've been overwhelmed by the number of revelers there's little sign of social distancing and few people wearing masks fights have broken out and businesses have been forced to close down at one point the police shot pepper balls into the crowd urging people to leave after an 8pm curfew came into effect i think it is a good idea even though it's fun out here like we want to be out here and have fun no one's doing anything people are just out here enjoying the beach and you know it's a good vibe but they want to shut it down at 8 o'clock people will go somewhere else and take their money somewhere else and it is what it is but people are going to live verona's over winter's over get the vaccine get back to business am i worried because of kovit i mean i'm not really worried about that you know what i'm saying like you know you just got to be cautious that's all you know what i'm saying you it's no guarantees with the covet thing you know what i'm saying you can get the kovit from your neighborhood your block your building you know what i'm saying so it don't matter you out somewhere else like we chilling florida is one of the few u.s states now fully open during the pandemic last month the republican governor ron desantis declared the state an oasis of freedom from coronavirus restrictions tourists have descended on the area in large numbers over the past few weeks boston boston you got to wear mask everywhere you go i have the back seat so i don't care go home i get tested for myself i don't really care but i wouldn't want to get a pair of sick you know officials have blamed adults rather than college students for much of the chaos the state of emergency and nighttime curfew has now been extended for up to three weeks many people are coming here right now and too many people are coming here with bad intentions last week florida recorded more than 4 thousand new covert 19 infections a day this is a crisis that's far from over peter bose bbc news los angeles

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