Dogs help endangered Tasmanian devils breed in Australia – BBC News

[Music] moss was basically a hurricane of energy he was a lot to deal with and he's really just a dog that needs a job so this has not been done before using detection dogs to assist with captive breeding of wildlife species [Music] captive breeding can be quite challenging for tasmanian devils over the generations there are behaviors that they would typically demonstrate when a female is ready to breed is becoming quite subtle [Music] so the detection dog project came about as we were hoping that we could find a non-invasive way to determine when a female should be paired with a male [Music] so these dogs are very glamorously smelling the feces of the tasmanian devils and they are placed on what we call a scent wheel and the dogs um walk around this carousel [Music] this program if it is successful will be highly beneficial for other captive wildlife species in the future which could greatly increase our breeding success in captivity and also the release of these individuals into the wild you

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