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our babies applications but I also tell you a little bit about kind of the the landscape of fitness and health and particularly some innovations in the mobile space that are trying to overcome the challenges that people commonly face so let's get started yes oh I totally your bathrooms funny you have the chromosomes written on the tub xxxi looking for the we often rubbing wait which rose up do I have like everywhere we can yes pretty funny alright so let's get started no one's Evans out pretty much everyone wants to get well and piece it but it's not always easy people lack guidance motivation and often feel like they're busy lifestyle get in the way now never mind the animals the majority of American sixty-eight percent are either overweight or obese and just 20 years ago in comparison the average male and female are 20 pounds heavier and this doesn't just affect our generation it affects the children where they are already seventeen percent overweight and that's tripled since a generation ago so one of the biggest causes or I guess preventable deaths due to obesity high blood pressure and high cholesterol but we can prevent that with diet and exercise it's easier said than done often people feel like they want to get this but if it's like you're pulling teeth just trying to get them active but we can't avoid it we we as humans can't just pull in our stomachs or stay on the tippy toe on the scale the numbers are obvious and there's no easy way out if it work I would bought it and believe me it would be one of my many favorite things someone outside this quote can get Oprah now I'm going to show a short video actually a video the kind of highlights the opportunity a study of 19 industrialized nations in the United States and the highest rate of preventable deaths over 100,000 Americans die every year from preventable causes some of the leading causes of preventable deaths such as obesity high cholesterol and high blood pressure poor diet and by addressing these factors Ireland masseria all helped lower their rates of preventable deaths % you health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity healthy bodies in many shapes and sizes focus on yourself rather than on people you see magazines or on TV develop a realistic image of what good health means for you genetics plays a significant role in determining your individual your family medical history can help you identify diseases that are at greater risk while you can't change your genetic makeup there are factors that contribute to your health and wellness don't you can control knowing your genetic risk factors will look no one precaution you should take to stay your entire body works as assistant all parts of your body function together in a fine-tuned bounce that must be maintained to ensure optimal health there are two major factors you can control to help maintain this balance would you meet the energy you expend through exercise a healthy diet is very important to maintaining your overall health of months make sure that you're providing your body with the necessary fuel and nutrients but getting enough exercise is just as important as eating healthy on average Americans don't make the recommended amount of physical activity necessary to see its benefits one in three American adults engaged in physical feature time activity eight percent of projections and playing games watching TV reading for relaxing sedentary jobs have increased eighty-three percent since nineteen fifty sixty five percent of adults are obese or overweight regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to 19 physical activity can help reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease control your weight strengthen your bones muscles improve your mental health and increase your chance for living longer currently over 81 million people in America have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease one in three deaths are the result of cardiovascular disease ten million Americans suffer from osteoporosis one in two women and one in four men will develop osteoporosis after the age of fifty fifty nine point seven million Americans 20 years and older have the early warning signs of diabetes and pre-diabetes pre-diabetes more than doubles the risk of death heart attack it doesn't take much to lower your risk factors the American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day to improve mental and physical wellness and decrease the risk of disease there are many activities that provide the desired benefits of regular exercise consider dancing playing a sport taking along more or less common activity such as geocache choose an activity you would enjoy and bring a friend any physical activity is better than huh incorporate exercise into your everyday life use a push mower to mow your lawn take the stairs instead of galloping park at the back of the parking so you have farther to long think of solutions that apply to your daily routine physical activity is just one factor in staying healthy to keep your body in good health get exercise eat nutritious food will get repetitive screenings and regular check-ups and avoid risky behaviors such as memory they've longer be happy be healthy so who cares health care is are you ready do you guys think about it pop opera tickets move it time to just do it obviously that's nice the fitness evolution is now and more than ever we have a lot of choices many tools out there to help us achieve our goals traditionally there were the fitness 24 hour fitness YMCA lifetime as we kind of evolved from the gym we also complimented our path their journey to wellness with with print so magazines publications even work out home workbooks kind of moved on to a more multimedia fitness DVDs that's pretty huge market five million dollars there are also consoles and the ones that are most prominent right now are the wii fit and the kinect you can always put on a device these days there are a lot of devices out there that help you from anything from figuring out your your heart rate seeing how many steps you you walk every day automatically logging your your weight through a Wi-Fi connection and a big big change is that now we have the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals through the mobile device a device that is attached to them pretty much every every minute of every waking hour and probably sitting right beside them when you go to sleep leg apps are at your fingertips and as I mentioned you know Kimball does mobile health and fitness ask that's one of them a top three health and fitness app on iPhone and Android now get to that a little bit later so I like this quote from Steve Jobs and he said your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do so I thought to myself it's probably time for me to pursue my passion and what what I do so I did royal house authority station records 30 minutes stealing step it up for healthier happier you wouldn't you want turn-by-turn directions to living well kind of like a GPS navigation system expertly telling you what to do for how long and on top of that motivating you throughout the way and so I thought why not take the morning of the gps navigation system and bringing them to the mobile device

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