Gay rights in South Korea’s military highlighted – BBC News

[Music] one of my senior servicemen touched me behind and told me that you are so lucky because you are the military if you are in a prison you already raped and then i fainted i am chiram i'm an artist i'm gay and i'm an anglican i have many identities the text is based on the testimonies of four gay servicemen this is my testimony i was forcively committed to a mental asylum this was because i continuously suffered from sexual assault and harassment from senior servicemen during my obligatory military service [Music] i practiced a lot of marching shooting guns and throwing grenades i was scared and also i told myself that i must not to tell about my sexual orientation during my military service because i feel like it is the death sentence every 10 pm we must turn off the lights for the first time only few senior service man touched me but it spread out like the virus to the other people my senior servicemen grabbed my arms and legs and they kissed my neck and they pulled out my underwear i shouted them don't touch me please don't please don't and i repeatedly thought that i was inferior i was inferior i was inferior [Music] because i'm gay that's why they told me that you tempted the other service man and you let them touch you [Music] i was forcibly asked to take the anti-depressant pill two times every day i couldn't control my body and mind properly [Music] once i could know about other people's stories i thought that we are connected and it is our issue i hope that gay servicemen also in the military and treated with respect [Music] you

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