Anti-Asian violence in the US: ‘He slashed me from cheek-to-cheek’ – BBC News

he came forward and slashed me from chick to cheek he didn't say anything he just did it and uh nobody nobody came nobody helped me when i left the train i thought i wouldn't make it noel quintana's case in new york is just one of almost 4 000 anti-asian hate incidents reported in the u.s over the past year in cities like san francisco a large asian american population hasn't stopped the harassment either i noticed a young gentleman who wasn't wearing his mask so i walked a little faster once he got with an ear shot i asked him just for the safety of my infants to please wear a mask at that point he locked eyes with me and charged us he decided to walk straight at us um i let out a few choice words and ran into the house screaming for my husband who came running down the stairs and scared him away the young man came back at least three times to throw things into our foyer and leave not only a race this note but a racist mask that he wrote on you don't want to reveal your identity why is that i can't endanger my young infants they've already been before the age of one subjected to hate crime i'm not going to give anybody else another chance to do that to them again [Music] i think the outrage that you're seeing from the asian american community has a lot to do with feeling invisible having a lot to do with our issues not getting attention and recognition and resources and it has to do with the model minority myth that really was manufactured to deny structural racism we had already been seeing a lot of news that there's people getting beat down robbed in chinatown and we were just really really hurt to see that you know we were really hurt and we just thought you know we need to start doing something we need to um go out to the community and patrol do you see your role as defending chinatown from these attacks uh we see a role as preventing and also as reporting as well so we do a lot of observing recording and reporting those are three main tasks we don't actually get into physical fights with anybody this is our weapon right here it's hey excuse me this is our weapon but this community doesn't always report crimes and activists fear that the actual number is far worse we have members of our community who don't speak english as their primary language or they're undocumented or they might have this sense of you know what can what can be done about it and so there's a deep distrust and it's for legitimate reasons you

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