Wheelchair Fitness Fat Burner Exercise Workout #2 | Sit and Get Fit!

hi this is Paul Eugene and welcome to
exercising with all Eugene well today I'm in a wheelchair and I'm gonna do
wheel chair Fitness if you choose to wheelchair Fitness with me
make sure you pace yourself drink plenty of water during and after this workout
here's the deal take those arms down let's take an inhale
then exhale arms up up up up up bring them down take take them up oh yeah you know me I love dramatics. Up bring down last time, Up Up Ready to get moving bring them down arms down are you ready and four three two chair march, go, pump those arms oh yeah how are you doing today I'm
excited I like this wheelchair fitness workout that moves all right
keep moving we're gonna keep moving and pumping that's right now, listen up I like to give a special shout out to Camp joy here we go pump pump are you moving
we gotta keep moving and movin and moving and four three hold it right here
now arms out In Oh Yeah we go I'm ready to move you're gonna
move with me come on push push push hold it swag here arms out palm down
rotate the arm that's it for three reverse here we go seven six five
come on four three two drop the arms down or it's up here now are you ready
we're gonna work those wait aha we're gonna twist only to the right side okay
four three two let's go eight six five four three I love it switch
left we gotta get moving come on move it move it move it move it
four three two come Center arms down we're gonna fly come on blah blah blah I
love it come on energy alright feel something come on four three two hold
here now listen up we're right here right we're rocking
side to side that's it oh yes and for three pull we go right left
right left come on right left right left right left
right left right left right left right left right left right left right left
right left right left right left hold right here
so how did you do so far you feel my excitement you feel my energy you feel
my expression are you ready four three go seven six five four three – everybody now 7 6 5 4 3 2 arms out
wide Oh Ben Oh Ben Oh Ben Oh Oh Ben Oh Ben Oh Ben
hold it here now five steps right there fill it that's it
oh yeah now watch Paul you cheat let me go going down now you want to call you –
four three – let me go bye that's it Center
oh yeah censor you know I like the move psycho that's it simmer simmer down side
side Center down sighs OH oh yeah sighs OH
last time Center gets wet fuck that's it I can reach up reach up now you keep
this and watch me pop pop pop come on pop pop pop come on pump five change
coming up now I go reach reach reach that's it I'm reaching to you you're
reaching to me oh yeah you're my techno club workout and a
wheelchair here we go reach and reach reach reach
again reach and reach and reach come on push it come on reach reach
reach reach again reach and reach change up hold it right here now how are you
you okay you should be bouncing I can help but here's the deal
we're gonna take both arms ha right here we go
push push push I call it's my cardio wheelchair workout
that's it come on push hey come on seven six five
come on four three two again let's go eight seven six five come on four three
two and one pull now out in right there that's it working your biceps oh yeah I
know I'm being kind of lazy but guess what we got speed it up we go boom boom
come on boom you gotta work it come on boom boom boom
hold it we're gonna go that's it come on that's it come on
so the music again come on ladies and gents
March ha ha how is that how that heart rate is it
climbing up there is that sweat pouring off are you working with me you know me
I'd like to move it move it oh yeah I'd like to move it move it come on we got
it we got it four three holes cross cross
honking a breather taking it kind of slow but you know me I can't stay here
ready we go criss cross criss cross don't hurt yourself
come on criss cross Chris Rock Chris Rock hold it right here
now how is that keep these arms here we're gonna work these chest muscles
arms here a little wider watch – Paul do jeans I go in oh come on in oh we're
working our pecs that's it right there come on squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze
squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and hold it right here
how did you do oh I hit that music and I don't get excited I can't sit still
it's pulling me it has my name on it ladies and gents we're gonna go
keep Rocking that's it come on keep Rocking that's it we got it
keep rocking keep rocking come on that's it we got to keep pressing we got to
press on come on oh yeah keep pressing don't let go come on press
I know my arm is getting tired but I'm keep Rocking
I gotta keep Rocking listen up four three hold right here
how is that oh my body says keep Rocking but you know what I want to rotate these
soldiers these arms let me go keep Rocking that's it we got it beat rocky keep Rocking sighs no keep Rocking
come on keep Rocking we got away keep Rocking
oh yeah keep walking hold it out that's it bring it down gets
wet arms here we got a key trockie let's turn that body playing the music's
coming up home out that's it matrix matrix matrix now take it up play with
me ha now oh yeah come on we got a play take it up now wind goes down guess what
it's time to roll it haha which switch ah are you with me which oh yeah hold it right here
how did you do how those arms are you rocking with me
this rocket side repeat out see I'm giving a repetition that's it we're
burning burning calories burning energy you got it for that's it three that's it
and two back and one hold it right here now here's what I want to do I want to
go keep rocking right there oh yeah come on right here we go in toddlers arms
oh yeah I know I'm spilling it and I'm loving but get your composure okay
four three slow down sue got 40s right are you rocking keep rocking are you
rocking keep rocking little breather watch now Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam keep
Rocking Bam Bam Bam now that was slow right but you know me
we can't stay there right because I feel the music and it's calling me to what
speed it up we go Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam
come on oh yeah I love it oh now I'm gonna do something with these
hopes that's gonna take out these elbow bending down we're gonna stay up hooking
right to left we go oh yeah hold it right here
now how is that you see me flat side oh that's it right side again four three
two one again for change coming up play on the rhythm hold it
right here listen up you seen your bouncing oh yeah
I can't help it quick little Beyonce did we here we go
boom boom boom boom boom boom hahaha I got you dancing in your
wheelchair again our real serious change coming up okay
listen up to me the Midlands gonna slow down and we're gonna slow down with it
okay are you ready get set four three two we go right left
just right left right come on left right left
I'm imagine myself dancing stepping right to left but my arms are
stimulating my body moves okay right come on oh yeah oh yes absolutely
energy it's coming on come on come on ah take it up into it a bargain wind
oh yeah I love a breather oh yeah hold it right here
now here's what I wanted to do and Wow right there simple move
oh yeah listen up cheering March we're almost there
how you feeling pushing you too too hard or not enough keep that much for three
and two and one listen up how does it start bringing us
down so I'm gonna make the move slower okay it's gonna be sweet hop that's it
reach up we're slowing down on purpose oh yeah oh yeah
you ready put it in hell the Edsel ladies and gents hold it right in your
orange down pick it up and help mmm exhale inhale up and sell out one more
time exhale out that's it now bring the arms up shoulder height right there
sweep to the flat oh yeah all the way through hug yourself now go take on your
butt oh yeah other way and guess what this
was the cardio portion of this workout I'll be back with our cooldown and our
stretch don't go nowhere okay okay yeah oh yeah right back hi this is Paul Eugene and welcome back
to exercising with Paul Eugene and a wheelchair well if you've been following
along with me it is time to stretch out and close out today's show well here's
the way I wanted us to do dropped our arms down alongside the wheelchair and
just rotate our shoulders back and back again give me four three and two and one
now to the front go for I love it three two and one right there now take the
arms out bring them up inhale exhale between the
orange right back down I can't take a mop excellent now take them back down
you got it hold it right here now I always take
this arm right here lean it here to this arm over and just stretch hold the
stretch for four and three two and one bring this arm down now this
arm goes up and over hole here for four and three and two and one bring it down
we just get a side stretch so here's what I want us to do now I want you to
and drop these arms down again bring the arms up into a prayer position palms
together bring them down in front of your chest
excellent now I want you to lace your fingers through like this extend your
arms straight out relaxing your shoulders excellent
take the arm straight up excellent release the palms out bring the arms
shoulder height palms facing front now contract your stomach in and pull your
arms together towards the front relax your shoulders bring your arms all
the way through give yourself a hug but doing a good good good job all right now
listen up unwrap those arms drop them down and guess what you did it I did it
we all did it so we're gonna get out of here by just doing our famous wheelchair
March this has been Paul Eugene and I trust that you had a fantastic fun time
I inspired you and encourage you and your spirit and
your soul and in your body until next time
may God bless you and have a wonderful day this is Paul Eugenia's I am out of
here I'll see you next time oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

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