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most of the european countries that suspended the use of the oxford astrazeneca vaccine have said they will start using it again after the eu's medical regulator declared it safe and effective italy germany france and spain are among those resuming use of the jab after a pause over fears of a link to blood clots in a small number of people here the uk's regulator said any link between the jab and clots is unproven and the benefits of the astrazeneca vaccine outweigh any risks here's our medical editor fergus walsh every injection every vaccine given is another person protected half a million people a day here are getting immunized at present many eu countries suspended using the oxford astrazeneca jab pending the outcome of today's safety review in hull there was no sign of vaccine hesitancy i was waiting a long time i'm like in my 60s i've only just really got myself just happy it's finally done i just took on board this is my appointment this is what needs doing this is keeping everyone safe so let's go ahead and get it done the uk medicines regulator said after a rigorous review there was no evidence that blood clots were caused by the oxford astrazeneca vaccine it looked in particular at five cases of rare clots in the brain among 11 million people immunized by the nhs all were men under 60 one of whom died it said given the link was unproven the benefits of the vaccine far outweighed potential side effects for those in their forties the risk of dying after covert infection is one in a thousand as a precautionary measure it's advising anyone with a headache that lasts more than four days after vaccination to seek medical attention there is no difference that blood clots in veins are occurring more than would be expected in the absence of vaccination for either vaccine the public can have every confidence in the thoroughness of our review mrs emma and in amsterdam the european medicines agency has come to the same conclusion about the astrazeneca jab this is a safe and effective vaccine its benefits in protecting people from covet 19 with the associated risks of death and hospitalization outweigh the possible risks the committee also concluded that the vaccine is not associated with an increase in the overall risk of thromboembolic events or blood clots the prime minister who's 56 will get his first dose of the astrazeneca vaccine tomorrow and said all adults would be offered a jab by the end of july our progress along the road to freedom continues unchecked we remain on track to reclaim the things we love to see our families and friends again to return to our local pubs our gyms and sports facilities and uh of course our shops uh all of course as long as the data continue to go in the right direction and we meet our four tests those in their 40s seem likely to have to wait until may to get their first vaccine because older people will be getting their second shot and there won't be enough extra doses to go around due to supply issues caused by a delay in a delivery of vaccine from india and a batch here that needed retesting half of all adults in the uk have now had a first dose of vaccine the head of the nhs in england sir simon stevens got the astrazeneca jab at westminster abbey safe and effective vaccines will answer all our prayers to be delivered from this pandemic fergus bbc news europe editor katja adler is in brussels now safe and effective is is the verdict is this going to be enough to restore confidence in the eu well sophie let me explain why that is such an important question because here in mainland europe coveted infections are again on the rise if you have a look at parts of central and eastern europe you have some of the highest death rates now in the whole world and today france joined germany and italy that recently said that they are facing a third wave so the eu desperately needs to vaccinate people but it faces two big problems number one is supply the eu simply doesn't have enough vaccines at the moment and the second big problem is public acceptance because many europeans sophie are more vaccine-wary than their counterparts in the uk and eu leaders on-again off-again relationship with the astrazeneca jab really hasn't helped matters i mean remember back in january when some eu leaders were suggesting it might not be as effective in the over 65s then they changed their minds now they were the worries about blood clots and so a lot of people have been put off angela merkel admitted that the jab has what she called an acceptance problem in germany and in france the prime minister said he would be getting the astrazeneca jab in order to try and boost public confidence but critics of how the eu has handled all this say it could be too late a lot of damage has already been done katya thank you and let's talk now to our political editor laura ginsberg in westminster and concerns today about supplies of the jab here well that's right sophie after all the squall over the vaccine over safety and also over supplies we learned yesterday there's a real slow down the amount that would be arriving into the uk i think the prime minister himself felt that he had to get out there front up to the concerns because i think there was a bit of a worry a bit of a niggle inside government that there might be some little hints about public confidence not being where it should be and it has in this country by comparison with others in the european union being sky high so the prime minister was out there saying reassurance on number one its safety boasting of his own vaccine tomorrow when he will be rolling up his own sleeves secondly on supply that although there has been a bit of a slowdown and the government won't be able to speed ahead with their plan they will absolutely be able to stick to their targets by giving everybody over 18 their first does by the end of july and lastly he also was determined to reassure on the bigger question the vaccine's role in the gradual opening of the country's doors and he was adamant he said several times that for now we would be sticking to the so-called road map moving cautiously and carefully through different stages but the vaccine is such a vital part of that you could see today the government's absolutely adamant they do not want the public's faith in the programme to be dented laura ginsberg and westminster thank you

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