Atlanta shootings: ‘It’s scary just to be an Asian American woman’ – BBC News

it's scary just to be an asian-american woman anywhere in the us out of shock a lot of anger pain getting tired of seeing the same news on the headline week after week it's heartbreaking and yet it's not a surprise this kind of this hate towards asian americans has been building for years it's still really heartbreaking to see that people just let hate and racism and illogical discrimination take over and create such pain am angry at the excuses made for a white supremacist who murdered our siblings and the inability of this country to decide if that slaughter of six asian women was racially motivated i'm here tonight because i've always been told to stay silent showing up here tonight was my way of like speaking up we were brought up to be obedient to be silent this is a time critical time to actually take a stand have our voices heard this is really urgent to like speak up hold space for what happened and you know i think there's so much work we have to do to make sure that violence like this never happens again people will realize the kind of microaggressions and the deep societal issues that have arisen from you know things like foot and situation and just blaming of the other and people need to take a deeper look at what's happening in their communities and hold themselves more accountable none of this is going to stop if you keep letting people just fly by because you're too afraid to encounter it you

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