Myanmar coup: On the frontlines with the protesters, doctors, and defectors – BBC Newsnight

[Music] [Applause] [Music] myanmar's main city students young people and workers are on the street again their only protection against trained soldiers is a makeshift arsenal of homemade shields builders hats and on this street an industrial pipe bearing the faces of fallen comrades at 9am in the district of northwagon a poor neighborhood students and workers are blocking the road at the head of the protesters are the so-called front liners standing in formation brave and defiant cochi min 2 25 is among them this was his eighth time on the front line around 10 30 am the sound of students chanting is pierced by a burst of bullets ripping through the street lies on the ground his comrades can't retrieve him while the shooting continues a mad dash is made to take him to a nearby ambulance the moment that chit's wife learns of his death goes viral on social media [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] protesters say that the painful loss of comrades like chit is hardening their resolve [Music] we respect each of their courage and they give us their life and we try to take this incident as a energy for for the for our fight to fight harder of course i crime for an hour or so and then i wipe my tears because we have no option we have to just keep on going and how do you see the next days and weeks developing laura may take some time at this point in our conversation lay became distressed and asked to pause when you are at home you are so overwhelmed with all the news coming to you and all their fear imposing on you from different people even our then older generation they might be worried about you and calling you to stop doing what you're doing but when you're out on the street you are with other young people i'm with other young people and i feel that empowerment like other days march the 11th was a day of arrests and beatings protesters faced the indiscriminate use of lethal force including military snipers nightly raids sweep through neighborhoods to search for activists one of the many protesters in hiding tells us they're afraid even at home most of my friends are in jail now we're trying to force the military to release them but they still reject if we are arrested firstly they beat us at this lab and they tell us root ball like uh for girl i gonna do like this so it's happened a lot they said fire even in the street in our home like we are not safe anymore a a veteran of the pro-democracy movement is one of those arrested at night here is the moment captured on cctv footage that has been widely shared by the pro-democracy movement who continue to call for his release his family believe he's in prison but the army will not confirm there were five soldiers accompanying him and leading him to the van it i can't deal with that because and also to see how they are treating peaceful activists like my dad i can't imagine how they are doing to people inside the prison as well you know people are very brave they come out on the street every day day after day before they leave home they write their blood type on their arm or on their phone and they write in case they're injure and they write names of their parents or nexus kin in in case they are killed so it shows that they are prepared uh because all of you know all of them all of us we have one thing clear is that we don't want to live under another dictatorship you can't say this is cracking down on protests anymore this is pure killing by the you know uh security forces faced with orders to attack their fellow citizens security officials have begun to flee their posts we managed to reach one former police officer who is now in hiding with other defectors in the jungle with mobile data cut across myanmar he called us using signal from neighboring thailand lulu [Music] foreign [Music] doctors too have been part of the nationwide strikes and have provided emergency medical support to those injured often at personal risk in this cctv video medical staff are seen being pulled from an ambulance and beaten by security forces with thousands of medics now refusing to serve under the military authorities they too have become targets so you're you're living in in hiding basically because you think that i am i am hiding in a place with lubricant we leave the hospital because the hospital team and the military give a lot of pressure on us we publish some letter to written our work and to work another military government but we disagree we opened a clinic at the brutus area this is treating the injured person most of the patients are eye injury due to this smoke roll to two person is by potential what's that sound is that protests outside oh yeah yeah okay if the cells are the night night protest will you be joining them i will i will try our fears is losing our futures so we are going out [Music] [Music] thursday the 11th of march was one of the bloodiest days since the coup begun from the time we started contacting protesters in myanmar many have gone into hiding including kochi mintu's widow his friends say they're being investigated by the military authorities and their neighborhood of northwagon is one of many now under martial law daily strikes continue and their resolve is strong the military say they'll hold new elections but will the protesters dream of return to democracy prove as fragile as today's makeshift barricades

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