Texas woman arrested for refusing to wear mask – BBC News

back up back up some old lady is getting handcuffed here ma'am put your hands behind your back ma'am i'll say if that's you leave you have to leave ma'am listen we're gonna do this the easy way or the hard way what are you gonna do arrest me yes for intruding on premises that's hilarious the law says that i do not have to wear a mask you can not in public but you're not in public you're not in public okay let's go for trying not to breathe cool come on dude don't oh don't do that oh no do not touch me who do you think you are back up some old lady is getting handcuffed put your here behind your back say you don't stop resisting stop are you gonna is anybody gonna like get real here not relax at all [Music] [Music] one in custody wow not wearing a mask people this is what they do to you where's your nose you can open it where'd you get your feet away from you oh well i was six feet away from those people in there get inside come on you

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