Ten years of terrible suffering as Syria’s civil war grinds on – BBC News

we start tonight with harrowing testimony from one community in syria one of the many shattered by the conflict which started a decade ago this week tens of thousands had taken to the streets calling for change the government tried to crush the protests and the country descended into civil war the united nations estimates more than 250 000 people have died in syria's conflict although the true number could be much higher than that at least 6.2 million syrians have been forced from their homes another 5.7 million have left the country and today a decade on after all the bloodshed president bashar al-assad is still in power in aleppo in 2013 ikra school was bombed by a fighter jet some children were killed instantly others died of their injuries in the days and weeks that followed a bbc panorama team were filming nearby when the attack happened cameraman darren conway has returned to aleppo to meet survivors and relatives of those who died and darren's powerful report has scenes of terrible injury and suffering anniversaries are all about memories but for omar they're full of pain muhammad asi's scars act as a constant reminder will always be remembered by her father omar muhammad and siham all went to ikra school in the aleppo countryside on the 26th of august 2013 the syrian regime dropped an incendiary bomb on their school courtyard 11 were killed many more were left with horrific burns [Music] nearby was a children's hospital i was there filming for the bbc that day when the injured with clothes and skin hanging off them started to arrive [Music] omar received burns to 65 percent of his body and has had 25 operations so far he is never without the discomfort of his injuries or the pain of his loss here is omar arriving at the hospital he was 17.

And this is his younger brother muhammad that this is omar's last memory of his little brother the shot that i filmed of them walking into the hospital together muhammad mr died eight days later omar has left syria and is trying to move on with his life but what are his classmates left behind this is muhammad asi i don't know he suffered 85 burns muhammad lives in idlib but he dreams of leaving syria too so that he can pursue the career that he craves and get the surgery that he desperately needs for 23 year old muhammad the future is not bright in a decade of conflict almost 25 000 children have been killed and thousands of schools destroyed the syrian regime denies targeting civilians determined to make sure that jad and jawad get the education that they deserve but imagine how hard it is for him to send his sons to school when this happened to his daughter [Music] cehan was sat in her maths class in ikra school when the blast ripped through the window siham's injuries were so severe that she was rushed to hospital in turkey her body was broken her voice was weak but her message to the world that day was strong died one month after begging the world to stop the suffering in syria that was almost eight years ago now no one knows the risks of sending their children to school here more than si hum's father the grief and the loss in aleppo that special report by darren conway and we'll have more on the decade of syria's war with jeremy bowen and quentin somerville in the days ahead and by the way for more analysis you can watch in full panorama syria schools under attack on the bbc news channel this weekend and it will of course be on the bbc iplayer

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