EU plans rollout of travel certificate before summer – BBC News

the european union has unveiled a coveted certificate to allow people to travel across the continent and potentially save the summer holiday season in areas reliant on tourism the green digital certificate would be shown at ports airports and other border crossing points it'll show if a traveler has received a vaccine has previously had covet and details of any test results it could be brought in as soon as may however the eu's slow rollout of the vaccine program which has been widely criticized has currently seen only around five percent of the total population get their jab alice baxter reports it's been a torrid 12 months for the travel industry one of the major victims of the covert pandemic but today the european union outlined their proposal for what they're calling a green certificate so that eu citizens could travel between member states it shows or states whether the person has either been either been vaccinated or a recent negative test or has recovered from private and thus antibodies meanwhile the uk government says that they're drawing up plans for a covert certificate and will publish a report on april the 12th we are having uh debates discussions about travel i think that's really important that people can travel safely um but i think what we also have to do is is be driven by the data we've got to see how the coronavirus develops and once we've reopened the economy i'm sure we'll be looking at other measures to make sure that people are safe and above all that the confidence of the public is maintained where governments have hesitated perhaps because a certificate or passport throws up ethical questions discriminating against the young those awaiting a second jab those who opt out of vaccinations business has set the pace p o this morning announced a resumption of cruises around the british isles later this summer on board the iona so long as passengers can show they've been vaccinated before boarding so when people book they don't need to prove their vaccination but when they travel they will need to prove they're vaccinated this is moving at pace if your program has reported this morning so we anticipate by the 27th of june which is our first sailing there will be a government accredited scheme to prove your vaccination but at the very least then of course a letter from your gp would suffice saga have already announced similar rules for all of their holidays while ba have said that they're working on a covert passport app after one of the most difficult years in living memory glimmers of hope alice baxter bbc news

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