How to sell local internet marketing services & local SEO

wait this is Josh Nelson with the seven-figure agency and on this video I truly want to walk you through what I feel is the ideal sales process for some regional internet sell services and you know the the whole the whole idea of selling these services you’re going to take a couple of approaches formerly you have a captive prospect for a neighbourhood business that’s interested in help with their internet commerce you could come in and you can just tell them all the cool things you’re gonna do you could have app and presentation or you could take what I found to be the most effective approach which is the consultative sales approaching and I want to outline the process it various kinds of stroll you through it in this video and so commonly if you’re if you’re marketing the behavior that

I’m gonna advocate you marketplace to get conducts so instead of cold calling instead of sitting in networking meetings instead of chasing promises down I’m gonna suggest that you orientation yourself as the expert in your room and you put together enormous content and you are talking about at the sell presents and episodes and you publish a record so parties in your ideology target sell so not every regional business but the specific niche that you decide to go after when they’re to be subject to your substance they’re improved and they say wow that’s really good stuff I’d like to talk to this person about how they can help me so just be clear that we want to we want to be driving makes in that path as opposed to chasing parties down so what’s is going to happen is they’re gonna reach out to you kind of requesting about how you can help and when you get those calls and when you get those opportunities what I’m gonna intimate you do is that you rather than diving right into here’s what we do and here’s how we do and there’s how much cost to kind of ask a couple questions about their business and what they’re was just trying to do and schedule a fit and the channel I made it is by saying hey thanks so much better for your clot the opportunity hey let me get some information about you about your company and then eight rather than me just telling you exactly what we’re gonna do for you I’d like to do some due diligence on my intention I’d like to review your website critique some of your online market policies so that when speaking again a little bit later today or a little bit later the coming week I can be demonstrated you where I think you’re doing good where I think there’s room for improvement and truly gear what we can do together based on where you’re at today and where you’re trying to go does that make sense and undoubtedly they they say yeah that makes a lot of feel and what you’ve done in that environment is you’ve moved from being a salesperson to be a consultant and offering to to really add value and show them how you can help so I ever suggested that first call be set to the next call okay situate let’s planned a go now where I is an indication my sees to you and then on that assessment/ refresh scold what you’re gonna do is you’re going to understand more about their companionship you’re going to show them where they have issues where there’s questions because remember in the is a lack of a problem it’s really hard to get somebody to buy anything but if you can show them hey look here’s where the problems are and here’s what will happen in your business once you solve these in areas of more traffic more calls more conducts more profitability you can really get them agitated and induce them to move ahead and take that next step in doing business with you and then of course the third would be to follow up and close apparently you want to try and ask for the business while you’re there you’re gonna close all if you’re in live and in person you gonna close a relatively large percentage if you’re doing web-based calls and web-based converges maybe a little bit lower on the phone call ratio close ratio but you want to make sure you get a process where you’re following through and you’re closing those lots over a one to two week period after the initial introduction and so that’s the consultative auctions process not super complicated your initial call you want to schedule an assessment the assessment call show them the suffering and give them the solution and then you just wanted to make sure you’re follows on and that you’re closing those opportunities into new business so now let’s impersonate like we’re in the gather right we’ve come past the initial call and now we’re going to be doing a entanglement located fit or a live intersect we are intending to drive this with a three-part process with the first being house rapport and you know you want to make sure you spend some time getting to know the person understanding what their goals are asking some questions so so again you’re being consultative and you’re structure a little bit of rapport along the way you want to make sure you show the problems with their current programme and I’m gonna give you the tools that you need in order to identify where there are issues so that you can show them exactly what you can bring to the table then you’re gonna expres your ability to bridge the gap to say hey you’re now this is where you want to go this is why you’re not there and here’s what we’re gonna do in order to bridge that chink so in order to do that in order to be able to show them the issues with their current online commerce approach you’re gonna need to use some tools and I’m not saying these are the only tools these are the tools that we’ve squandered and they’re moderately effective for us first is Google’s keyword research tool to help you figure out what the most commonly probed keywords are for your particular prospect merged words which then gives people the ability to make those keywords those 10 15 20 30 keywords then combine them readily with the cities that they operate in so that you can have a list their City Plus this their City Plus that their City

Plus this and have a nice list of keywords geo modified for their country so that you can then take that and positioned it into a ranking implement like radiant neighbourhood shining local is great for regional ventures you can put in your listing of about a hundred keywords will vary depending on what program you’re on it will thump Google and Yahoo and Bing Google Local Yahoo Local Bing local and pull standing reports it’s exactly where they rank on Google for are all those search engines for all of those different keywords which is a great way to say hey well these are the keywords that are important this is where you’re standing and you’re not in the top 10 ensues or then the top five results and then run a report through neighbourhood locates in that to show the issues with their current commerce the initiatives and what local areas himmat does is it will look at all the citation informants for the customer I look at their online stature and it will give you a neat customized report to say hey this is why your websites not ranking and of course as you do that it becomes very easy to roll into here’s our service furnish here’s what we can bring to the table here’s how it will connect this breach so let’s go through some of the high-level steps and in the next video I’m going to drill down and certainly indicate you exactly how to conduct this research but the first is keyword research and I’m gonna suggest that you start with your imagery so regardless if you’re dealing with a dentist a roofer a chiropractor or any other local regional marketing a local busines you can use your imagination to some extent to say okay what when I type in if I needed a dentist dentist dental services tooth grief etc and then you’ll be able to take that small-scale schedule and plug it into the Google search tool and there’s a free implement on Google it’s called the Google search tool you throw in your keywords Google sounds against the AdWords data and we’ll say okay these are actually the the most common search keywords along those lines and so it spittings out a really nice list of keywords you can kind of whittle that down and come up with your shortlist of the money words or the most scoured terms because if you’re selling neighbourhood internet market assistances really the foundation of that is what are people typing into Google and Yahoo and Bing when they need your type of services and as may be necessary done to make sure that you’re demonstration up in the search engines for those actual scoured keywords they’re going to drive transaction and so it’s real important that you waste the time to figure out what those most commonly scoured keywords are from there you’re going to use a tool called there’s probably other tools to do the same thing but it’s truly exactly a keyword combiner where you can go in and put in column one these are all of the different core words that I find and they com – these are the cities that my expectation provides so you’ll have your your most commonly searched keywords combined with those cities and you’ll have a really nice list of locally concatenated keywords and then you’ll make that listing and you introduced it back into the Google search tool to figure out of those geo modified keywords what has the most probed and I’ll reveal you in a live video exactly how to do this process it announces a little complicated precisely the lane I’m asking it but it’s really not that hard from there you’re gonna want to assess their current ranks for those working keywords and again that the tool I think is great for this is called bright local you’ll go into your bright regional history you’ll set up the the company with their website address and their phone number and all of their information and then you’ll simply push those keywords into the report and what will happen is it will search Google and Yahoo and Bing and give you a correspond digit between 1 and 51 being multitude sheet one recognise 150 being wherever it is further down the roster for each of those keywords that you came up for the client and so this is a great way to paint a picture look would you concur these are the most important keywords yes well based on my research and my due diligence your company’s not grading on sheet 1 which symbolizes there’s people gazing every day for such services and you’re not showing up and that I think you would agree is a pretty big problem because there’s prospects in your sell in your opening looking for what you do and they’re not encountering you and so from there you’re gonna say gape but here are the reasons your website’s not showing up in the search engines and that’s where you’re gonna set up a search report on local area plaster and again there other implements to do this neighbourhood area plaster I found to be a very nice tool that presents a great report that will say okay here the most important online indices are you in them are you not here’s how your reference to cross the web we know that the key to coming graded in the Google map registers extremely is lots of cites firmnes of the reputation Anderson phone number and the number of online reviews that the company has and so the local place plaster implement generates a report to show where there’s insufficiencies along those lines and of course you’ll control that report and it will give you that data and give you a percentage of visibility value say how optimize your Google listing yes optimizer Yahoo listing is how optimized your your large-hearted enumerate is and this gives you a great arsenal of tools to say okay when I go into that had met with the client

I won’t exactly be talking at random I’ll be speaking specific about the due diligence I did I experimented their keywords I figured out what the most important keywords are so they get price from that I went ahead and ran a report to figure out where you rank in the search engines for those various keywords and some of its good some of its bad and here’s why I guided another report that registers me how you’re being realized by Google across the web and what the specific issues are with how you’re being realized and why you’re not ranking well in the delineate inventories so you can go into that live meeting with a lot of confidence and be able to say exactly what you can do now again I want to ring back in to how that live rally should go so you planned your initial assessment you’ve done your due diligence and now you’re going to get that live meeting with the customer I just wanted to remind you that the first thing to do is to build rapport and ask questions don’t drive claim into your assessment determines don’t dive right into your

here’s what we’re gonna do and here’s why it’s enormous you still have to spend the time and and ask questions and get to know the customer get to know what their goals are from there you’re going to review your sees with them here’s what we discovery as we reviewed your website here’s where the question are and then present your solution here’s what we’re gonna do and then ask for the business so it’s going to drill down on these four stairs of the live sales intersect process the first again is to build rapport and ask questions and so what I like to ask is start just talking with them a little bit hey you know beautiful part find something that is natural for you in natural discussion but then you know just ask something delivered tell me a little bit about your background in the business let them start to talk about who they are what their busines is all about how long they’ve been in business whatever information they want to share I don’t miss this beginning part to feel like an interrogation it needs to be natural needs to be a business dialogue so I don’t want to give you a register of 10 questions but you do need to waste some time getting to know them and inviting those questions ask them about how they’re currently market their companionship if you’re going into the right prospect either again via Live Meeting or in person you’re gonna be dealing with a company that is well-established my brain does at least a million dollars per year in revenue and does sell they believe in marketing already you don’t want to be dealing with the folks that have constructed their business precisely on word-of-mouth and have no interest in investing in marketing and sell strategies so this question genuinely will assist you determine if there’s a good fit and principle you are able to do this over the phone and tell me a little bit about how you’re marketing the company today if they’re saying things like oh we’re in the Yellow Pages we do a great deal of pay-per-click advertising we’ve got placard ads we lope radio those are indications that that company vests coin and advertising probably is a great fit if they’re saying things like hey we’re just word of mouth you might prance straight to the chase on this and say hey you know our planneds array between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars per month is that gonna work for you you think that’s something you would consider if the values there exactly to save yourself the time and vigour but again tell me about how you’re distinguish your firm today how many technicians how many employees how many dentists whatever sees sense merely to get a sense of the scope and the size of their operation and then where are you guys at currently in terms of revenue and this the reason you’re requesting this is so that you can find out where they’re at today and then you can ask the follow-up question what’s your goal in the next 12 months and another way to phrase this question is you know if we could teleport into the future twelve months and everything ran according to plan where would you like to see yourself in the next 12 months in terms of customers in terms of revenues in terms of whatever metric is important to now and querying these questions gives you the ability to build a little bit of a relationship with a customer when they start to feel like you care about them you’re asking questions and you’re trying to learn about them as to report to just sell your wares and this is a quote that I’ve always want to be real strong and that is they don’t upkeep how much you are familiar with until they know how much you care so querying these questions truly makes them that sense that you care so that you can then shift into reviewing your findings and this is fun because how many beings come out to their office or talk to them on the phone and say hey boom and they launch into a sales presentation but they haven’t done any due diligence they haven’t done any research and they don’t has absolutely nothing of this evaluate to bring to the table or you’ve done your due diligence so what I recommend as you start to review your feels is first of all to walk them through their website so hey you know mr. Jones do you thoughts if we get in front of a computer cuz I’ve get I’d done my due diligence I’ve look back your website I’ve look back your online commerce strategy and I’d love to share what I acquired and where I think there might be room for improvement is that okay perfectly that’s going to be all right and if you’re doing this on a phone call you’re gonna say hey mr. Jones can we do a a connect dynami session where you can get online and you can see my screen and that road we can be looking at the same thing together and if you’re in their agency you’d say hey let’s jump on a computer and so what you’ll do is firstly you’ll haul up their website and walk through the website and point out any issues that you might see and so that might be just some of the basic things right is the phone number in the top right hand corner do they have a clear call to action call us now at this numeral to planned an assessment are they leveraging personality so do they have room authentic pictures of the staff and the owners and the office or they utilizing generic furnish photography make it’s my view that authentic imagery is gonna work and convert better than stock photography do the government has good content for each of their different services and this is just giving you an opportunity and talk about their website let them know that you you looked at it and point out some of the good and some of the back and you don’t want to call their baby ugly and say this is the worst website I’ve ever known so always try and point out something good hey you know what it looks like you guys expend a lot of hour reputing through this material and there’s a good deal of good substance now but I certainly think there’s a great deal of room for improvement as well merely in terms of the website and here’s some of the things that I found that I conclude could be better from there you’re gonna want to walk them through their keyword listing sort of the keywords that you developed and where they’re position for those keywords and so you can say you know we did the due diligence we devoted some time genuinely experimenting what the most commonly scoured keywords are in your area for the services offered that you render and this is the list that we came up with would you agree that this looks like a pretty strong list yeah well likewise I’ve got the search volumes associated with this and you can see you know I really spent the time to find the keywords that are gonna be most important as opposed to just the words that I thought might be relevant and then what we did was we push that datum into a tool that helps us isolate where you’re position on Google and Yahoo and Bing where almost everybody proceeds when they’re looking for these types of services and their respective reports shows you’re describe up for maybe some of them but for some of the most important ones you have no ranking at all and when you show them this they started to say wow there’s keywords here that is to be type in that I’m missing out on I’m gonna depict you what that report looks like so you can really drill down but I think that’s where you go next and then from there “youre walking” them through the neighbourhood research sees report which pictures here’s why you’re not ranking for these keywords you don’t have enough cites there’s inconsistency of your list apps and telephone number you don’t have enough online reviews what the client maybe and you really have the opportunity show them what needs to be fixed with their online marketing strategy and so you’ve made an open curve in their subconsciou you’ve originated suffering because they want to get more business they want to grow their revenues they’ve once Express that as they explain their goals and you’re showing them why they’re not maximizing their opportunity in terms of ranks in areas of leads in terms of calls and so from there they’re readily open and interested to hear the solution you’ve given them a headache and now you’ve got the opportunity to give them the aspirin to to relieve the agony and that’s where you get to present your solution not before you’re not diving straight-shooting into the solution if you bounce step one and two and you really dive straight-from-the-shoulder into your solution it’s gonna fall flat but if you expend that time in the figurehead and you procreate the grief and then you excuse okay here’s what we’re gonna do right we’re gonna get into your website and we’re gonna create these sheets so we’re gonna make sure it’s optimized precisely and then we’re gonna go far we’re gonna do consistency if you’re named after some phone number and we’re gonna make sure that you’re in all of the online directories across the web and we’re gonna made a strategy in place to help you get more online recalls from your real purchasers so that every customer gets an email after service and they they just go someplace to quickly write a review of your services and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take over your blog and we’re gonna start updating a blog for you on a weekly basis you have fresh relevant content and we’re going to do strategic tie-in construct to to build inbound associations back to your website which all of thus helping to form your website more more definitive so it can rank better in the search engines and as we start to rank better for those keywords all those texts like testified you that you’re not grading for it you’re gonna move up in the search results you’re gonna come more visitors to the site you’re gonna come more calls and more produces and of course you’re gonna hear more revenues and more profitability in your business and then you talk about whatever different packets you offer and you can really expect a lot of interest from the prospect when you present it this lane and then of course you have to ask for the business you know if you just go through all that and say okay well I hope this is interesting you want me to send your proposition we’ll talk to you again some time later you’re not going to close very high percentage so you have to make sure to ask for the business and so some of the the pre closes you are eligible to s so how does this sound in comparison to what you had in judgment you know can you see how formerly we get your website content schedules stature ingredients right we’re gonna come more sees leads in business yeah utterly yeah this is really this is great this is better than what I expected you know if you had to reach your interest and is progressing on this for between a magnitude of one to ten with one being not interested at all in ten yeah I want to get started right away how would you rate it and this is a great question because if they give you a like a seven or an eight you were able to say okay then you know that there’s some things that need to be addressed okay so thank you mr. Jones for that feedback so you’re at a seven what would what would I need to show you or what would you need from me in order to move you from a 7 to a 10 and at that moment they might say you know I I recollect I would just need to see a couple of your patron success tales or I’d like to talk to one or two of your purchasers or you know I need to make sure that those keywords right and they’re they’re gonna gave their objections bubble to the top and then you can address those head-on and ask for the business and say hey alright well then this sounds great let’s is starting would you prefer to use a credit cards or a debit card and I’m all for one call marketings in the excellent macrocosm you would go out or you would do a live production and everyone said okay yes slam dunk I’m done that doesn’t always happen and in our business and you know we have about a 40% closed rate of results that call in that we are able to convert into sales of course we’re in a very specific niche we’re is a good one orientation our case studies our testimonies our positioning is very strong and we don’t close them right on on the first call in a lot of cases so we have what’s called a a follow-up hot lead follow-up sequence where after that presentation they get an email with a complete outline of the program they get a video of me the owner of the company explaining what our planned is and what’s included they do two or three emails with video the customer saying that they’ve expended us and had a great experience beginning here’s what you can expect in the next 90 daytimes as we work together email and all of those are on a two-week scale basically moving them from okay if you didn’t buy right on that first rendition we say hey we’ll listen this is the only way working in collaboration with one of your type of business in any municipal and right now we’re proactively sell to the other companies like yours in this market and it isn’t going to be on a first-come first-served basis I’m not trying to create false scarcity but the facts of the case is we feel like it’s a conflict of interest to work with two or three or four fellowships in this market we just we definitely sounds like wouldn’t be vying against ourselves and we don’t definitely sounds like that’s in the best interests of our patrons so we’re going to work with one and of course we are the experts in this space so there’s a lot of interest in what the hell is do we are marketing the other guys in your range can we agree one way or the other to come to a decision on this by the end of next week and they’ll say yes if they say no then they literally have no interest and you can close that opportunity and time move on they’ll say yes and that’s it okay great well here’s what I’m going to do I’m gonna send you a recommendation I’m gonna get you testimonials I’m gonna got to get added case studies and let’s put one over the schedule to make a decision one way or the other by Friday of next week fair enough right and by creating an end cap to your opportunities you’ll know what you’ve went in the pipeline that’s legitimate versus you time shooting your tail and your close-ratio on these kinfolks are likely to be much higher because you’ve created dearth and you’ve made a deadline where they have to make a decision and if you’ve created enough appreciate and you’ve established enough of sting in their recollections for lover this is where I’ve is there a problem and these chaps can really solve it you’ll is my finding that you get a somewhat high-pitched a pretty high close rate so I’ve got a couple added videos available one of them is gonna be me actually explaining a program just like we we present it to our purchasers another one is an actual enter we’ll be presenting in this way to a customer via Live Meeting and then there’s another video down now that will show you how preparations for the for the process so how do “youre running” the keyword experiment how do you situate the client into shining local and then how do you and then how do “youre running” the regional investigation neighbourhood locate submit report to really procreate the very best so when you go into that meeting you can show them exactly what you can do for them so hope you experienced this hope this gives people some great insights and some great ideas of how you can go out and genuinely implement the ideal auctions process in a way that really predicaments you as the expert and maximizes your closing rates

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