Serene SEO & Internet Marketing Training V2

serene be appreciate your interest in version 2 of Serene's internet marketing this is Swain I wanted to make this introduction video to kind of give people a quick look into some of the things that are going to be included in version 2 of the training first thing I want to cover is why was this training made the reason is because in several facebook groups mastermind members some of my coaching members more they're constantly asking for answers that they've not been able to find an answer to and any of the payee training that they've paid for the Facebook groups are part of different masterminds all over the Internet they get what they call partial answers well you know they get an answer that makes them feel like they've learned or got an aha moment of what they should do but when it comes down to them actually doing the work they don't have an actual step by step outline that shows them exactly what to do to accomplish the task they just have a general answer that makes them feel good at first but they come to realize it's not enough when I have to actually do the work so a little bit about me I've had 11 years and information technology field not only internet marketing but implementations of web technologies for the army horizon Lockheed Martin explosive materials research technology center state of New Mexico and on and on and on which is kind of part of the reason why I haven't really put out version 2 of this training yet version 1 was only open for private SEO companies and mastermind groups mostly people that have you know rub shoulders with me here and there and kind of know what I've been doing in the private sector and I've kind of been tugged my coat Zelda to open up something so a few years ago I did do that for them just for a few select few of private SEO companies maximum groups and individuals but more and more you know I'm getting people asking to open up something to a broader audience to the public so I had a few different contracts and agreements at two at certain points I really didn't feel comfortable once I didn't feel comfortable it just wasn't time for me to open up that type of training to the public especially since version one was for you know certain private SEO companies and marathon groups that actually have their own murs so version 2 is almost completed so registration is currently closed for version one but version two registration is going to open soon hence the reason I'm putting out this introduction video for people to kind of get an idea of you know what the training is about and some of the golden nuggets that are going to be covered in the training so let me go over some of the things and a lot of these are things that are specifically requested from individuals and groups that have taken different paid training I'm not going to mention any different training online there's you know tons of training everywhere but some of the more popular training definitely help some these people but they but a lot of them did come to me and they say that it basically gives them a general overview of what they need to do but when it comes down to actually doing the task you know from start to finish step by step that they that's when they feel lost so that's the objective and the main point of the train and put together everything every module is going to be a step-by-step process that shows you over the shoulder on video exactly what you have to do start to finish to complete that task nothing's left out so the things I'm going to cover in this intro video are things that people constantly ask me to you know questions about four different insight on so this isn't everything that's in training but these are the particular things I've chosen to go over in this intro video just so those people know hey we're going to cover that as well there are ton of other things that are going to be covered and you can see a full list of the modules below this video but let me get right into it so the first thing that's going to be covered is a competition analysis this goes over several different things there are people don't customer SEO people don't rank and write sites and are people doing you know affiliate marketing and different things like that we don't focus specifically on one particular niche that people are going after but what I have seen is that most people they don't really know how to do proper competition analysis most other things that I've seen out there teach a person how to look at the strength of domain stuff like that but they don't actually show you how to build a strategy to win so that's exactly what this is going to do it's going to show you how to build a strategy based on what's currently working so that you can beat the competition it's going to show you what you need to do to reveal the traffic sources of your competitors if you know where their traffic is coming from it tells you one it tells you where you can get traffic from and then to it tells you a little bit more about their overall strategy if you know that you know forty or fifty percent of their traffic is coming from a particular source then you know that a bulk of their sales are coming from that source and that is reliable and I'm talking about the want the people who are winning i'm not talking about people on page 23 these are the people who are winning the home page one they've been around for quite a quite a while and they've tested some things out so there's no point of view reinventing the wheel and you know coming up with some new strategy they're already winning let's reveal their traffic sources you can get those same traffic sources and do even better and surpass them third thing is how to reverse engineer the competitors link strategy what do you need to do to actually find out what they're linking strategies are how to re-implement those same strategies and do it better fourth thing how to find the exact anchor text ratios you should use for your campaign this is a very very big one a lot of people they learn you know they say they learned that they need to build backlinks and am i okay good they got our moment they're like all right I got on page SEO going alright I need backlinks and he backlinks and everybody knows you need backlinks but what what kind of backlinks TV why should you be using a certain kind of backlinks what do you need to do to find out the exact backlinks that you need to have what do you do to find out the exact percentages of anchor text ratios you should use for your campaign according to that niche there's no blanket anchor text ratio certain niches optimize more on branded anchors certain industries optimize more on you know maybe exact match keyword anchor text for their link building how do you find that out and get the exact anchor text ratios you need such a pasture competition in that specific industry and how do you do it for every single campaign because you can't use a blanket approach for everything you have to use real data real research that's gonna work so that's part of what's going to be shown in that particular module how to find out what's working how to implement it so you get the exact step-by-step process that you need to do to succeed another thing is going to be covered is going to be PB ends its bits a very big topic it's always been a very big target topic among certain groups mostly masterminds and paid training but this is going to be something that's available for anybody who becomes a member version 2 now and I'm going to go over most of the basics and then some advanced things so first thing is finding good people what makes a PB in good in a couple there are a couple things that are going to be cover here that out seed cover necessarily anywhere else on the web obviously you can you know you can google and find out you know trust flow and citation flow but there are a few things that most people don't mention for a reason you know one because they want to keep the good pbn to themself then too because there are a lot of domain brokers out there that no no certain thing that to look for that makes it either good or bad pbn and I'm going to go over all of that kind of stuff in this in this particular module where we cover PB ends then I also go over PBM brokers if you don't have time to find you know a good pbn if you don't have you know the the money to pay for monthly membership for the software takes to find good pbn then i'll go over a few different places a few different resources where you can get a ppm broker to find you some domains so then if you just need one or two or a few a few PB ends you can go ahead and purchase those from a domain broker and you know get decent domains again this is for people who don't have time are the money to you know buy the software subscription to find their own PB ends or don't expired domains there is another module though that I'm going to have that tells you how you can get access to you know seven six or seven of the most used tools for a very very cheap price and that's you know majestic SEO aah reps spyfu you know I have a video that's going to show you different coupons and stuff like that so you can get those things at a lower price so next is registering hosting your PBS this is another big one that I hear constantly from different people in different groups how to register and host their PB ends and like I said there are a lot of people teaching that but not the step-by-step process I'm going to cover this in this module where you're going to see step by step finding the domain what makes it good selecting it registering it purchasing it the information that you're going to use to register your domain and everything like that next is how to brand your pvn this is one that's missed a lot most people just pay somebody else to do this or they just throw up nothing really I guess they don't even brand their pbn they just start building links which is a big no-no it doesn't really make sense this particular module you're going to learn how to brand your pbn the reason behind why you will bring your PB in a certain way how to make your PBM brand and content match your domain name and I'll give you an example for instance we have a domain has very very good metrics everything about it is strong but the name is really weird and it doesn't really match the Knicks you're going after I'll show you different creative ways to make that work to make that domain name still seem relevant to your niche and then match the way you've branded it so that your links that you have coming from it match the way you brandon it next thing is publishing content which kind of goes into the general thing of theming your pvn how much content you should publish weekly how much content used to publish before you post your first pbn links how to the different backlinking strategies of how many links for your pvn how many links should you have going to your money site from your PDA what kind of anchor check should you use from the pbn depending depending upon your money site and a distribution of interlinking of your money site those different kind of things will be discussed in that particular module as well so moving along there'll be some different nuggets in there for building trust and authority this is this is mostly for it could be for new sites or sites that's been around for a while or even sites that have been penalized but I'll go through some strategies that are designed to boost Authority trust flow and citation flow to your money sites you can also apply these same strategies to your PB ends as well because remember the stronger your PB ends are the stronger your links are to your money site so PB ends aren't really just there just to point the link real quick and then leave it alone you can keep building the trust and authority of your pbn and it just makes your link stronger I mean that's that's the whole point of why you bought the pbn because somebody did that previously and that's what build that trust flow in that citation flow if you follow some of these strategies you'll get it to a point where you're pbn will be ranking even though that's not the might not necessarily be your objective if you follow some of these strategies your pbn I'll start to rank for keywords and it'll start to get traffic which is just going to start building its authority and it's trust even more and that's going to make your links even stronger another thing going over is local and social domination so how to get multiple this is really really big for people don't rank and rent sites or who want to build up a you know a present for their particular company or business or they just want to get some sites ranked so they can rent them out to different local businesses but how to get multiple cities snack pack listings and how to get it verified for Google my business this process is really not that hard it's a really simple straightforward process I see this being sold on different marketplaces for gigs for 250 to 500 fifty dollars if you if you once you sign up for your training you'll be able to get this process now pretty quickly it's not going to be a long video the videos will be you know it's not going to be super duper short it's gonna have every step you need but like i said the process is straightforward and there's not that many steps so you'll be able to master that and then you'll be able to go ahead and get you know all of the different ranking rent sites that you want to get up there you'll be able to get them out Google my business page so that they could show up in a snack pack and then you can rent them out because a lot of times if you're doing ranking rent or even customer or client SEO if you're trying to dominate multiple cities the quickest we're usually is to give them a snack pack especially if it's a little competition which it should be if you're doing raking right method correctly so that module will go over that and show you exactly how to get that done also another thing that's covered is optimizing social profiles that includes your Google my business page so that way you can rank in a snack pack quicker but it also includes Facebook Twitter and some of several other different accounts pinterest and things of that nature then covered also is going to be ifttt which is if this then that set up in syndication for social social content distribution and video SEO there are a couple different trainings out there that cover just this specifically this is included in the training there are a lot of things that are included in this training that are just part of the default membership and you know other places they're selling it for one-off prices are they selling it for a particular specific price and thing like that everything here you see and this is just the things I wanted to cover to let people know what to look forward to this isn't everything you know you can look below this video and you can go over how many modules and different things that are covered you can see you're clearly everything almost as covered you know that you can think of that most people really need to see a step-by-step process is covered but anyway everything they're covered for $27 that's it so anyway that's the only time I'm going to mention the price on this video I just wanted to put that out there so people can really see the value so anyway like I said step-by-step walkthrough of buying and registering your pbn sites where why how to get a name address and email what where do you get the email addresses from were you why should you use a certain verify email address I'll show you you know really quickly hey this is where you can get your phone verified email addresses so that when you go to register your PB insights you can still get notification emails and things relevant to your domain in a real email account and I know it sounds kind of to some people might sound kind of silly but there are several different people I've seen they've gone to register the pbn they don't know you know what name they should use because they don't you know obviously you're not supposed to use your your real name but they don't know what name to use they don't know how to find a legitimate address they don't know where to get the email I've seen a few times with people have been locked out of their domain and they can't even actually log in to the registrar to redirect their domain to the proper DNS or anything like that because they've messed up one of these steps so that's going to be covered as well and it's like I said everything's gonna be step-by-step walkthrough over-the-shoulder you can see exactly what you need to do to get from point A to point B and get the tasks accomplished move to the next thing so you can start to make money again this is serene look forward to seeing you inside the members area what's the version 2 is launched version 2 will be lodged pretty soon and you can get notified there should be a box somewhere either below this video or on the site where you can sign up so you can get notified as soon as version 2 is available

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