2021 GO HARD MINDSET – Best Motivational Speech

Okay! we are here. New Year. Become close. we are here.

It does not matter, how we became. This is a time for us to rearrange ourselves. What does this mean? That is, the present moment is the time when you change yourself for the better. Because a new year means, thinking in a new way, focus in a new way.

A new way to treat myself, everyone says new. This is an update time! There are things she’s been called upon to do. And you have never done it before in your life. And there are other things she’s been called upon to do before Which no one has ever done before you.

And if there is anything I can offer you.

If only there was a little advice. If there is clear information I pass it on to you. Would be a question. What do you really want?

What in the end … Been in our life? what happened.

.. In 2020? What are the consequences ..

. Which should … To face it?

What happened to us? This is a new season, this is a new month, this is a new year. This is a new time for myself to get to know. Where am I going? This is the time you should be asking yourself.

where are you? Because I think you are not asking the question enough. Someone told you, graduated from high school, Graduated from college, I get a nice job. Stay in this business until the end of your life. Have children, got married and then died.

Someone told you this. But I want to ask you, what do you want? The one you believe in, will be your destiny.

So you should take advantage of every day the sun rises for the rest of your life Race for your dream. what is your dream?

And when you think dreams are about to run out. See yourself in your eyes And say, I can, I will, I will. First rule, you need a dream. You need a goal Your goal must have a specific timeline A dream without a date to fulfill it It is a dreadful nightmare. And this nightmare will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Have a dream, set a schedule for it And you must work to achieve it Second by second Piece by piece day after day. So, I get a dream I get a goal. Set him a specific time. If there were other things you would need with your dreams. You must be hungry Let me say that again You must be hungry.

I say you should think about everything you need in this life. You should think about the difficulties your father and mother went through. All the pains. All the difficult situations, the situations you have been through. The strikes you have gone through have to muster and all this hunger.

And you put it on your goal. Let me tell you that, wolf … Over the hills .

.. He never feels hungry. Compared to a werewolf who climbs a hill. So you must starve And you always stay hungry.

You must guard your hunger. And the only way to do this is. To collect your affairs. To see the scene outside of your frame. To see who is in your life is likely to be intruding on you.

Are you ready for the new year? The contest means to take a strong stand. This means that you will not stand idly by. To see what the year 2021 has in store for you. Fighting the New Year means .


You will control how this year will be. How will it transform? Even if those around you claim that things are getting worse.

You don’t have to agree with them. Who expect the best. They get it. Those who do not expect the best, usually come out with nothing. I want to collide with this year, I want you to walk to see the grace around you that you weren’t expecting.

I want you to go to a sea that you never expected to go someday. I want you to enter a new dimension that you could not even imagine you were in. I want you to take a high place and wonder how you got there. I want you to discover something new in every area of ​​your life. This is not a year lazy, this is the year of your achievement.

This isn’t the year you are looking for an average marriage. Or average work. No, this year you decide you want the new, you want to improve. I want a real team. I see the work I do on a daily basis As a real opportunity.

Not as a specific commitment. Not because I have to work but rather I have to work. People who do jobs that others do not want to do Those who end up on top. Don’t just do what makes you exceed expectations, do what you can. And you will find that the effort you put in, is definitely up to you If you keep looking after your business, you will see results.

And here is the symmetry. Consistency occurs when you don’t burden yourself. What do you want to achieve this year? What is the? Is it free time?

Financial freedom? Better Relationships? Better health? Whatever it was for you You must have it.

It will be in your hands to develop and nurture your dream.

You should let your mind focus on winning in order to be broad-minded. If your mind is cluttered, take a break to clear your mind. Organize your mind, and know what is good for you and what is not. Clear your mind, and focus on what drives you to achieve your goal. What gets you out of your way?

Translation: Muhammad Zakaria.

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