Refresh Button – Developing Android Apps

Since the task of fetching weather is in retail, it is a must To have the menu option to run the task within the retail Also. This means that a new menu layout must be created To hash and call it forecastfragment.xml. The file will be included Within the menu folder within the resource directory. And inside That file, we'll show you the new update menu option We give this menu item ID. We'll also need a definition The string designation for this word, Refresh. We take this step One time, they make the change to the XML list file in This training. If you compiled the application And run it, there will be no visual change. It will not be displayed On the device because we haven't inflated an item the list. It will be amplified in test code after that. See how the menu main.xml is implemented as an example For an additional hint, see Training Guide for Menus. Below. When done, you can click this box here

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