Deaf poet and illustrator go back to school with picture book – BBC News

the bear just like myself uh and just like polly as well um is wearing hearing aids the first time i wore hearing aids stepping out at st bartholomew hospital poets raymond antrobus i've got brown and illustrator polly dunbar are going back to school to share their new book canberski dad bear has a hard time waking me up in the morning one the radiator shakes two the bed rumbles like a large empty tummy three the windows by the bed tremble four that bear takes one heavy step forward the stealing cracks five the idea for kambesky was a kind of a autobiographical one in that my parents didn't know i was deaf until i was around six or seven years old put your hands up if you like i was brought up with a deaf mother so deafness has been there from the word go for me as from the other side i see it as i'm now the deaf mother and i have children who who might inherit it kind of fair sign can the bear sign if the bear was me he was living me the bear wouldn't be able to sign until he was 11 years old can i ask you which school that was that you went in what that is no way so how did that make you feel when you found out that he went to the same school as you make me shocked all happy oh look yeah that old teacher list of the old do you think you'd like to write a book like this in the future yes why because because i can't find a book that have that character in it because they're so hard to find it yeah because it actually won't read their friends don't defend like writing with no deaf character it just made me feel a little bit bored but if i see like that book i just started to taste it and three straight away i eat the last of my porridge time for school dad bear talks a lot on our way to school there have been historically too many stories in which disability is shown as this thing which is very tragic suddenly that maybe the disabled child or or someone with a disfigurement is suddenly cured or healed and that's meant as this kind of sentimental feel-good moment and actually that's a huge disservice to the to the reality of what it is to live with a disability i'm closer to phil that's wow that's brilliant to even know what what these little robot mice in my ears i have a three-year-old and a six-year-old and like why why why do you squeak when i cuddle you mum and i'm just like my hearing aids to be doing making a book with them there watching me do the pictures has sort of showed it to them in a very normal way my uh six-year-old couldn't wait to get to see the audiologist so i can't wait to think that it will be in waiting rooms you know when you're they're about to go in they have the books there it needs to be there so the parent can look through with them and um yeah that'll be wonderful you

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