K-pop superstars Blackpink in climate change message – BBC News

hi this is blackpink [Music] [Music] this is a global challenge each and every one of us could make a difference and we need to act now this is our planet this is our future climate change affects us i think we all probably saw it but um definitely the um documentary that sir david attenberg presented um a life on our planet has helped us a lot and various other platforms such as that has helped us to actually learn more about what we could actually do to sustain our beautiful planet basically the documentary showed us how precious our planet is and how vulnerable it is right now so we're losing more of the natural world every day and time is running out we feel like so we just really felt like we need to say something you know yeah i think we've all still got so much more to learn but it feels good that we can be able to participate in such an important course okay um the first step is to know what's happening with climate change because it affects all of us and we want to learn more and we hope our fans do too you

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