Priyanka Chopra Jonas locked down in London – BBC News

hi bbc news this is priyanka [Music] it was something i was afraid of something i wanted to attempt honestly and for me it was very cathartic healing almost i've had such a crazy sort of life with you know multiple continents that i work in that um when i was home for six months i had the ability to really like dig deep and think about what i was writing and the tone that i wanted and what was the hardest chapter for you to write would you say my childhood mostly because memories are a funny funny thing you know you don't remember things correctly but when i was a kid and going to boarding school and um you know how that felt all of that going back so far back into that was hardest for me [Music] it doesn't feel real i'm just a girl who goes to work doing my job it's not an easy job you know being in the public eye especially as a performing artist is very hard because it's difficult for people to bifurcate that there's a human being and this is an actor and they're acting and then there's a person and you kind of become fodder um very often and having done it for 20 years now i've kind of made peace with that but it's it's not easy to do you know i'm just happy to be here still honestly so the rest of it always seems like you know overwhelming to me i mean a friendship is crucial you've got to be able to have to be able to spend time together and like actually hang out and like it i think that was the one thing that i really admired about my husband when i first got to know him was how excited he would get from my achievements or for things that i felt like i did well or when i had a moment or you know he's such an amazing cheerleader and right from the beginning and i love that our that our partnership is of equals and that's something that we started out as and it's really wonderful to have found someone who thinks like that i've been here since november and i've been in the lockdown since november but um the uk government allows for tv and film shoots which is why we're here i just finished filming a movie and now i'm filming a tv show so the only thing i do is i go to set and i come back and i get set and i come back and that's so unlike the london experience because i mean it's london you know go out every night you go to the shows and meet people and different foods and now it's just deliveroo and me you

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