Trump impeachment explained – BBC News

washington democrats made up their minds to impeach president trump before he was even inaugurated donald trump is a living breathing impeachable offense donald trump is facing an impeachment trial again no president has ever been impeached twice and no president has ever gone on trial after leaving office it's fair to say we're in pretty uncharted territory so what's the case against him donald trump is accused of inciting violence against the government specifically this the storming of congress by thousands of his supporters but his accusers say you have to go back a couple of months to last november's presidential election we know there was massive fraud that was a rigged election if you count the legal votes i easily win trump lost but refused to admit it not only that but when the state of georgia was getting ready to hold a second round of voting to settle two very close senate races mr trump is accused of trying to intervene illegally i only need 11 000 votes fellas i need 11 000 votes give me a break it all came to a head on january the 6th when congress was due to confirm the results of the presidential election in a long bitter speech mr trump railed against the entire election process we fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell you're not going to have a country anymore within minutes of him finishing some of his supporters were breaking into the capitol building but did the president actually incite violence america's first amendment which protects freedom of speech gives mr trump lots of leeway to say pretty much whatever he wants short of ordering his supporters to storm the capital which he did not do i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard it'll be up to the senate's 100 members to decide if mr trump is guilty or not and the democrats will need at least 17 republicans to join them to get a conviction it's a really tall order most republicans think the trial shouldn't even be happening this proceeding we are about to enter is unconstitutional but what if it does go against him well then donald trump will be the first president to be impeached and convicted he'd almost certainly be barred from ever running for public office again and he could lose his presidential pension and perks but what if he wins the democrats could still try and find some other way to punish the former president but to survive impeachment twice in a year would in the eyes of mr trump's loyal base represent another victory against an establishment that's just out to get him a useful platform perhaps on which to launch another presidential bid you

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