Meet the first female British chef with three Michelin stars – BBC News

to be awarded three michelin stars is like i can't really say other than i mean it's like winning a world cup or or winning an olympic gold medal it's it's it's the pinnacle and it's a global recognition there's only seven women in the world um with three michelin stars just to give you an idea of how rare it is michelin stars are awarded to do with the food really it's pretty much just the food that's what they say and so obviously quality of ingredient technique and also personality of the [Music] chef [Music] and megan's really into her food in particular she loves food she's very tuned into restaurants and what happens in our world and yeah and then they approached me to do it which was obviously something that was awesome for the team so good to be a part of the day something that we'll all remember forever [Music] i'd say absolutely get involved it's a brilliant industry to work in you know i've got almost 50 of my team are females which is fantastic it makes a really good working environment but both men and women comfort food my naughty pleasure is actually salt and vinegar crisps i love crisps anything savory but i'm i would say that my favorite meal is probably going to be a roast and plans for the future uh opening a restaurant in sydney in in april may time if we can keep it rolling forward but yeah i just can't wait to get back to doing what we love and entertaining people you

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