Europe’s Roma community’s life under Covid – BBC News

when we talk about our problems other people think that we're over exaggerating the things but no we really live in the gender i felt that i was isolated from the outside world only because being aroma across europe roma communities are often shunned and neglected now kovid 19 has left them struggling to survive do you feel like you've been abandoned you can see from here the neighborhood mischev has lived in this roma settlement in bulgaria all his life this is the only one entrance and exit the settlement is segregated from the town cut off by the railway and when the pandemic started the local authority locked this entrance this is the lock preventing actually the people from going out or entering the neighborhood as we head deeper in the conditions drastically deteriorate we don't have water usually we don't have electricity we don't have roads we have like dirt and mud it's the size of a town 25 000 people live here it's overcrowded and fending off a virus is nearly impossible people cannot keep themselves safe let's say you need ambulance anglers cannot enter here foreign people here were even blamed for an outbreak of the virus meaning no one will hire them anymore and many are struggling to access any government support people here don't find sustainable jobs they are trying to just get some money for their bread for the day we're entering the poorest part of the neighborhood my name is michael hi michael my name is jean my name is george puccino the children used to eat at school but the schools are shut and with no internet no technology they can't learn either online m the bulgarian government says it's working with communities to identify and support vulnerable families providing them with food parcels and extra teaching but as the rain pours problems melt documents now it's like once or twice per week i just feel like sad at the moment because we don't have electricity no we don't have the water to offer you anything to drink and um it's uh it's a pity you know it must be tough getting through a pandemic without water it's awful if you don't have a water how you gonna clean yourself some of the community have escaped poverty with seasonal work in the uk melina was a fruit picker for five years but the pandemic forced her back home where discrimination stops her from getting work praise the rain is relentless the town is starting to flood as you can see the streets there is no street accident there is a lake the water is to your knees the state is not considering us like citizens do you feel like you've been abandoned out i believe that the state is like a mother for us you know she should think about us should help us when we're in a need and it's not happening you

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