Nintendo Finance Report Analysis – February 2016

hello everyone Niko me here and yeah if you're watching for the first time obviously you can tell my budget is very through the roof as you can see because that's a closet I'm filming on the floor like no not even gonna lie about it i am filming on the floor most people have like studios or green screens nope i have a floor i also have a lion so today what we're talking about is nintendo's numbers have been reported for 2015 and um they're not terrible they're actually kind of good considering how nintendo has kind of been on a downward spiral compared to sales wise compared to the previous years at like two thousand seven thousand six when the we and the d/s were killing it so the numbers aren't terrible by any means they're just not phenomenal but what we have to look through with this is even for the people who don't care about sales numbers it could tell us a lot of things about the future of nintendo and possibly how soon we might get the NX because like i said the numbers aren't terrible they're not going bankrupt they're actually making 300 million dollars in profit it's just they're not making as big of a profit as they usually do so I'm they made over three hundred million dollars it's some number again I don't know and the 2015 alone and that's actually really really good in my opinion considering that sometimes they've actually struggled to get profit getting a 300 million dollar profit isn't terrible considering that they're not doing as good as they usually do this does kind of warned that the edx might actually come sooner than we believe because the NX will come to the rescue and save the wii u's sales which are reported to have i think it said 3.5 or four million in 2015 alone where 12 million uh hardware sales for the wheel which isn't terrible at any means it's just not as great as they use do compared to like the wii's a hundred million the three are the normal ds's 150 million but it is what it is it's not horrible it's not great but it's not horrible buying it does not signs of bankruptcy or anything so we also have a 3ds pushing fifty eight million very close to 60 million which again the d/s 150 million hardware sold but nothing really comes close to the d gasps uh the DS Nintendo struck gold with it so being able to sell 58 million hardware copies of the three es is amazing that's more than the wii u the xbox and the ps4 i think almost combined now they might be breaking that soon because the ps4 saw a lot but it's definitely not bad and the number one selling game for the 3gs was animal crossing happy home designer with almost 3 million copies worldwide which is again really really good for soft okay moving on to some of the more fun stuff a super mario maker and splatoon both did very very very well this year ah splatoon not even beating a year old sold four million copies that's more than most of the bigger games this year on the ps4 and the xbox one so that's really really good in my opinion I don't know why I feel like bringing him back the fact that splatoon can sell 400 million in one year are less than in a year on a console that only sold 12 million that's a third a third of the wii u owners bought splatoon in the last eight months that's pretty pretty good and mario maker is said to have seven million that's 7 out of 12 which is over fifty percent it's like oh well i think 60 ish sixty percent of wii u owners bought this game so that that's a really good sign i think we also have mario super mario maker with 3 million i think it was 3.2 again really good that's a fourth of the wii u owners and came out in September it's still selling pretty well so honestly if this if the wii u's sold as much as the we split soon might have been one of the biggest games of the generation sitting with mario party 7 or mario kart 7 so or 8 i'm sorry i said i'm at eight so mario kart 8 Super Mario maker in splatoon Sadie Sadie we you had the same sales as the ps4 those three games live and doubtfully been the biggest games of the year sales wise so you got if you put that in that context the games did very very well for how many sales the the consoles they are on have sold that makes sense so yeah some of the best selling games all of them are really on the ps4 and xbox one so the fact that games that on the wii u the only sold 12 million copies can still sell really really well is a very very good thing from 10 0 because that means people are still open to buying software it means the wii u fan base and the owners of the way you are very very open to buying software like mario kart 8 and splatoon and super mario maker and it really means that they are interested in the things they're making as yoshi is at 1 million i'm pretty sure z no plans at 600,000 which is very good for the game that is so really really good positive sales software wise because you're having a huge chunk of your base buying your games so obviously that means they're making good games and they're interested in it and they can continue to sell them i think with starfox i'm going to predict about 1.5 to 2 million for starfox let's also and done then zelda you'll uh it's going to depend on what happens with the NX would save the NX zelda game just doesn't happen like it's not on both i could see it selling four million as well I've spoken so four million I pressures doubt look good so I let's say in splatoon is like under it but splatoon this is the very first Platoon game ever created and the fact that sold four million isn't double the video game like Xenoblade which Damon saw a million or even compared to Super Mario maker of the fact that spittoon sold more than it is quite outstanding so that said amiibos amiibos sold 21 to 22 million and that's more than the wii u which is kind of not shocking but it's just kind of interesting to look at they're selling crazy fast the amiibo hype it might do a video on this has kind of gone down that their scarcity has gone down and their shortage has definitely definitely gone down they're very open to the public now and that kind of makes the hunting for them harder I mean easier and it makes it a little less interesting for the hunters so the hunters are the one making the big videos going up finding the amoeba and they're making the idea of a meebo and amiibo hunting more popular but now that there's a me Bo of all kinds available to everyone the sales will definitely go up because everyone is able to buy them you know I mean even though they were scarce it makes them more rare people would want to buy them that makes the price of them go up but the sales now that everyone but not everyone can go to the store and buy the and evil they want it's definitely going to go up because people are gonna I'll be able to buy the one some died Stoke okay so let me see about it they're up 34% an overall profit which is great from 260 million to 340 million that's very very good at I think if Zelda u comes out I don't know ok so if the NX avionics just is an afterthought and it's a 20-17 release I don't think they'll be able to do as well as 2015 I be as they had splatoon Super Mario maker Yoshi super smash bros coming off of a huge November and by that I mean I super smash bros came out late 2015 so our late 2014 so is basically like a 2015 release some ways so that makes sense because most of its sales came from 2015 as well as some other games like amiibo festival which wasn't that big and mario kart 7 or 8 I keep doing it Mario Kate mario kart 8 still selling well I think 2015 it's going to be a bigger year than 2016 if no I next if celuu does come out fairly like summer ish and star fox is a pretty well received game and poking tournament is not splatoon like success where it's shockingly successful but if it sells pretty well it could be an equal a year 2015 in a way they're gonna have to try to ring in venom ebow because now the idea of them and the appeal of them are kind of going down for some people and they really need to bring the interest back because now all the smash people are out and I think that's the one amiibo line that everyone was looking for um I think the idea and the interest of them you are kind of going down I still love them evil arms is still buying an email id spots last a few days ago I know for the most people the idea and the alert and the interest of amoeba are kind of going down so they're either going to have to reinvent them and make really cool new designs and just new lines or they're going to have to make more compatibility which a lot of people don't like but if they want to push it on you low sales coming in 2016 that's going to be the main way so um overall speculation i guess and overall analysis of this data nintendo is definitely not going anywhere intendo is not number one in the gaming industry in terms of sales right now that's obviously there right now but they definitely have proven they have staying power if they're having a good year a bad year a horrible year or a fantastic year or even a mediocre year they're still there no matter what if that makes sense they're still there making profit still they're making games still they're selling stuff even if they're not on the number one they're still there and I think it proves that the NX will be huge and I'm making a video on why the MX is going to be a huge success because Nintendo matter win or lose they're always going to be there and they're always making an impression of some sort so I think with this data that definitely reinforces that claim the fact that they still are selling huge amount of software like splatoon and Mario maker it definitely proves that they're still capable of selling games like hotcakes even if the hardware behind them isn't selling as well because no matter what there will always be people who are interested in Mario pokemon smash bros mario kart all of Zelda all those types of games are huge fan bases for and they're not leaving so I guess that's that I not in this I was watching I'm in no way attacked me Nintendo I think this is good data I think I think it but overall um nothing too bad at all I think this is actually good news for Nintendo and I think this is encouraging and I am really happy with it and I think Nintendo should be too they're not losing profit they're actually gaining in profit they're not going bankrupt anytime soon they actually have profit they're not in the negatives they're still selling tons of software pretty good hardware the 3ds is doing amazing for speaking econo handheld console right now almost 60 million copies is phenomenal the wheel although not being on top of the pack isn't doing horrendous horrendous it's not the worst it could be it's definitely you know not a we obviously everyone Nintendo can admit that anyone can with that but it's definitely still making an impression and people are still buying it and still playing it I think that's great and even if Nintendo isn't doing the best commercially I think they're still doing the best critically and quality wise splatoon was a phenomenal game as for my favorite games of all time same with Super Mario maker and smash bros so I think no matter what however you look at this data don't let the numbers make you less of a fan or don't let the numbers make you not want to buy I the game because numbers don't determine quality at all sales number sale numbers do not determine the quality of a game just because the game sold 5 million copies does that mean it's automatically better than the game that sold 1 million you get what I mean but just because it's the number one app on the App Store is flappy bird doesn't mean it's better than number 80 on a game that took like eight like months to make and it's a super high quality game you know what I mean so just because uh Sony and Xbox that's saying they're making bad quality games I'm just saying just because they're selling better than nintendo doesn't mean they are better than nintendo in terms of quality because i think they've been making great great great games and they've been doing really good with customer service i think and giving us what we want and i think nintendo is doing great so hopefully we'll have even better 2016 I think it's looking really bright with pokin and zelda twilight princess and Zelda Wii U and Star Fox so hopefully you'll be a big here hopefully the NX may even come it'll be a huge year so thank you for watching for more Nintendo news this is a toilet toilet this is my look this is a um I just got all the shower so I'm wearing this um it's like a trying to get rid of my wet hair cuz I have a huge migraine and this is mr.

Trager we're gonna say bye now I think you for watching if you like Nintendo and when I stay updated within 10 o news Nintendo game play I'm starting my Mario maker series again like iron it's gonna end by.

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