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Subscribe Intellectual Indies, press the bell icon and never miss an update. Hello friends, my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies Today we’ll talk about Segmentation I’ve already made a video on segmentation Named STP Segmentation is a topic Which is not easily understood by people and take the wrong decision That’s why i am back with a detailed video. And this video is not just for marketing students. If you want to do business Then do watch this video. Talking about the definition It means dividing a big audience into small segments. Depending that segment should be different Let’s take an example Genderwise There’s male and female and other Location wise: Chandigarh, ludhiana Different Different cities We can divide the segments in the form of age group also According to work of people Whether married or not, his behaviour His thinking We can divide it like this, for example Think about any product You need to think of a product and the need it satisfies What is the need Need behind a product people buys something If i am hungry Food is my need Food is product, so first of all see the need And it’s possible one product can satify 10 needs.

There’s a mobile phone It can be used for navigation and calling For showoff For video recording So it can be used for anything Let’s take one need and will think about it and will identify who’s need are they targeting and where does it live Whether this audience goes to gym or not First of all , that need ‘s specifications If i talk about Protein segmentation Then what will i do? I’ll divide it into two parts: one who goes to gym and other who don’t If i am targeting mobile phone’s need Then i can categorize it into locations, tax details Whether that audience needs android update. Whether needs camera or not If i have a makeup salon Segmentation will be of male and female. If i target only female then no need of segmentation Whenever you are offering a service or product and you don’t know about the segmentation Your market plan will be defintely fail.

Segmentation is very effective and keeps you in direction. Let’s say there’s a product and is used by delhi people. Whose age group is from 20-30 They like my product and maximum is male And they are working professional and students also but not married. That audience is show off Basically you can make a chart First of all you need to make a chart of you product and services. So that you can fulfill it according to your need From this, you can understand My product satisfies which audience needs. From segments When cars are sold, it says that this car belongs to this segment How this segment is defined? Depending on the price? One segmentation is this Other is type of car. Like sedan, SUV , MUV I think you are clear about segmentation Let me give you a homework Take any product and calculate And see in which segment it can cater.

If any doubts, ask me in the comments below Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodmorning whenever you are watching this video. .

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