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1 barely slept a whole bunch of weapons in Grenoble or thugs were barely mumba criminally that is to say that we will say the gaps you stay between you talk to each other your language you get married here you do not want to integrate I personally am free I feel free but today I am French and Guyanese even if the wrapped remains my story give the shock in front of america why i'm the rain forest myth of the left in France spirit of love but you still have to remember the historical circumstances and the reasons for which they were no one has them as you recalled and a population resulting from colonization and which was taken in a project of colonizer calls me mona bathing totoro pvp range have also alerted assures him binds to damascus yann youri where we have the means to investigate white tomatina petole there is no dehiba Who marks with the lion well you are who you I can read of pop was from Bormadia the book is wrong escalettes on europe1 the answer is not registered he knows that to applaud to have my hearing at all especially your dad names are not lacking yet shepherd kenya the head of three minutes and genia beer guanella or else there is never all never domino nyala early visiting lille was like jan lauwe karadjova guidara kenyan will leave New York at fault note that he danced well noted by handicaps in 1976 it was therefore necessary to complete the population that other people come from outside the city by a television people who I made ducks the shortages fled from communism it is the mountains which had sided with the French in the colonial wars it is they who had asked for help to go to France and we had the idea of ​​saying, hey, we need people to farm in Guyana we have people who have no land who are expelled from everywhere why we wouldn't offer them to farm in Guyana in the morning at pétain paix who are right because invited to sleep especially the socialist party Guyanese who was in my political opposition was worn out our women did not want foreigners to come and develop Guyana during their philosophy their principle was development to regulate yann by Guyanese but the situation is very dangerous there is a lot of violence the parades and who in the streets with the signs and posters the world of water not to the world public conferences and eve were violent and I had received households from the dead and when we created the operation they were doomed to succeed because they had not other solution for them because there was at the same time on one side this side where it was not very good so maybe we were going to put them apart a little bit but there did not have that the missionaries who accompanied the mangoes want safeguarding the culture is lacking so there has really been a demand from them to say we don't want them to be mixed with other populations she stick to the hotel payment you wasquehal colonial rue caldo it was also total were employers who no the line in asia quotas and ultimatums in calais capelle maintenance which we love and admire we accept morning and obama ray lahood painted this canvas is indeed this idea of ​​saying well we're going to save them the poor are there either in Thai camps or in metropolitan France in poor conditions of life there we will offer them something interesting but when they are arrived in Guyana as I said earlier nothing expected them we put them in the forest in places where They were former prison camps, well that they organized themselves without that the French state does not put its hand in it, it is really they who did it what do they have the agricultural granary of guyana simply because it is we who produce all the fruits and vegetables I believe that before the arrival of the mangoes in reality all the fruits and vegetables were really imported now mangoes in Guyana they are almost become an institution and I think that the Guyanese and Guyanese would wonder what he would do without them now yes skeptics in kawa we do what we are about 1000 inhabitants in full chaos so everyone knows each other people help each other through hard times so by the age of jealousy but i think there is no charles nodier in the history of agriculture the rate if he does not want to work his writing is a hard profession really the agricultural fruit and vegetable production of mangoes is essential for Guyana it represents 60 to 70% of this production which makes Guyana self-sufficient at 80% of its needs I really believe what they do the success of seller mangoes is enough simple in reality it's their job Oh they kept their culture and their identity but in reality it is Guyana is a string of identity and different cultures we have hoops, bushinengue, native Americans there are mangles the cohabitation is going well but the mixing and and can be improved in society in Guyanese society it's hard to understand that we are and maybe one of the last colonies that exist you should know that the time over there in France the mouth that did not exist people thought it was in africa in guyana 60% of the population under 25 30% of the population is unemployed I think the slavery put us behind economically but I don't think so whether it is for the no to racism it is more of a problem than their interests are al aoula but how oh yes I would be very happy very satisfied with the good life mine it's a good life I knew the world was of workers who lived under the same climate as that of Guyana and that it was a project of creators as an anthropologist here everyone tells me the culture is in danger everyone will always say my culture is in danger well it's true it there is loss, it's true, but if you look at the cultures they are alive and it is because they are alive that they can continue it is because they change that they can continue to live me I think that today we have a multiculturality which is extremely original and from which the metropolis should be more worry me when I travel in metropolitan France I see often people who are afraid of each other I don't feel this fear there in mafuta guyana and laguiole knives were there the kopa goya and toulon mme honorine the nama purple color coutadeur would have married jean pierre and eliane time and was fascinating

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