Nigeria’s Katsina school abduction: ‘I was very afraid’ when the kidnappers came – BBC News

but what frightened me the most was that my brother would be in danger when i looked for him i couldn't see him but in the chaos he lost his twin brother mustafa one of 333 boys the state governor says are still unaccounted for some of them like abdullahi managed to run away but many are believed to have been taken by armed men for ransom three days later the campus is eerily quiet littered with the reminders of a childhood shattered just days ago this dormitory still has all of the belongings of some of the young boys who were taken here on friday nights they were whisked away hastily barely had the time to take anything with them and they've left their parents with more questions than answers it's unclear when they'll be reunited rukaya bello's 14 year old son omar has asthma and was ill in the days before the kidnapping frankly i can't sleep whenever i think i'm going to sleep i think about whether he's able to sleep and it keeps me awake even food i can't eat every day i'm worrying how he is my biggest wish is that he comes back home kidnapping for ransom has been on the rise in nigeria but the abductions are not usually on this scale and with hundreds of children still missing comparisons are being drawn with the kidnapping of the chibok girls in 2014 dozens of whom are still missing these parents are hoping that this is not their children's fate miami jones bbc news conqueror you

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