US Covid vaccine: Three key questions answered – BBC News

[Music] at the start supplies of the vaccine are likely to be limited so states have been putting plans in place to make sure those who need the vaccine most get it as quickly as possible the ultimate decision rests with the governors of the various states and i hope the governors make wise decisions who will decide where the vaccines will go in their state and who will get them first the centers for disease control and prevention say healthcare workers both paid and unpaid and people living in long-term residential care should be near the top of the queue states will be prioritizing other groups too because this vaccine needs to be stored at ultra low temperatures large hospitals and other centers capable of such specialist storage will be key to getting the vaccine out as more vaccine becomes available the goal is that everyone who wants the vaccine is able to get one in places like doctors offices pharmacies and clinics the nation's health protection agency says that any vaccines purchased using u.s taxpayers money should be available to the american people at no cost but people giving out the vaccines will be able to charge an administration fee they can get this fee reimbursed through a patient's insurance company private or public [Music] a recent poll suggests the majority of people are likely to take a job when offered one but a sizable minorities say they'll pass on the vaccine health experts are worried that this could compromise so-called herd immunity the idea is that around 60 or 70 percent of people would need to have a vaccine in order to protect the community a highly efficacious vaccine does not mean much if we don't have the overwhelming majority of the people taking the vaccine and that's going to be our task at the moment it's likely the vaccine will be voluntary it's unlikely that employers for example would force people to have the job but health experts will be working hard to reassure people that vaccination is likely to be the best way to turn the tide of this pandemic [Music] you

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