India ‘mystery’ illness puts hundreds in hospital – BBC News

officials in the indian state of andhra pradesh are still struggling to identify a mysterious illness after the number of people affected continues to rise 300 people of all ages have reported symptoms in the last two days including seizures dizziness and vomiting one man has died i'm joined now by the bbc zepty buffini who is in hyderabad for us what is the very latest from medical officials that there what do they think is causing this right now they are still yet to determine what has caused this illness because uh their the test samples have come back they have initially collected the blood samples and the spinal fluid samples from the victims who have rushed who were us to the hospital yesterday before yesterday and the test reports have come back normal from rita's blood samples and the spinal fluid samples for now they have sent the samples for further analysis to be for the uh for cellular and molecular analysis and those test reports are awaited and the authorities are conducting door-to-door medical campaign uh medical emergency campaigns to see if there are any other people who are suffering mild symptoms or similar symptoms in the town to see what must have caused this for now they are yet to determine what has caused this illness but right now the priority of the authority seems to uh contain the panic in the town so that the people the focus seems to be on containing the panic so that while they determine what has caused the sickness have all those uh people in hospital right now and those affected being tested for coronavirus yes all of them the initial tests the first tests that were conducted on them were for the coronavirus and uh the authorities have told us that all of them have tested the negative for coronavirus so that has been eliminated as the cause that uh as a reason of the will of this illness uh so after that they have went on to determine uh what must have caused so that is where the blood samples and the spinal because some of them have complained of spinal pain and also fatigue so the spinal fluid from the victim from the patients who have who have been rushed to the hospital those also have been collected and all those tests the reports have come back normal but uh while uh the the reports about the test samples have also been sent to virology labs across the country to determine if there are any other virus that must have caused this and deity are children affected by this as well yes across the age groups there is no particular age group or or a particular gender which has been affected it is across the age groups who are who have been affected by this uh illness when we spoke to the health official uh this afternoon there she uh she seemed to uh she said that what she has observed from the patients who have been brought to hospital most of them were men but yes there were there were a sizable number of women and children who are at the hospital receiving treatment deeply thanks for updating us from hyderabad on that mysterious illness affecting several hundred people there

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